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Shoes like slippers!!

I mostly run in Nike Free5.0's - having 4 pairs of them size 9 - 10.5 ( took a long time to get the size right!!) I like them a lot - however they are a bit "squeezy" in the toe box. I can and do run all distances ( up to 15K so far) in them but use the smallest size 9 for 5K only. They are very light and flexible.

BUT - while I was in the US earlier this year, I was lucky enough to grab a pair of outdated ( 2013) Brooks Pure Drift shoes for the miserly cost of $35 USD ( about $45AUD- these shoes run up to $200 AUD where I live!) Like the NIKES they are very light and flexible - but much wider. They look almost strange to wear - looking down at them , I get the feeling that I have a pair of reef shoes of swimming flippers on -- but boy are they comfortable. As I said - like wearing a pair of slippers ( where is my pipe??) . I have read elsewhere that running shoes should feel like they are slippers -- these are very light though with very little sole padding and only 4mm heel to toe drop. When standing in them , I feel like my heel is actually lower than my forefoot - although that can't possiby be so. I think these may become my 5K PB attempt shoes from now on!!!

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Interesting. I have discovered that the cheaper NB (New Balance) are perfect for me.


What models are you referring to?? I was looking at "cheaper" NB shoes at the website of my local sports store today

EDIT - I can now see from a previous post of yours that the NB shoes are trail shoes. Still interested in model number however.

I fear that I have become so accustomed to VERY lightweight minimalist shoes that most shoes I pickup in sports stores seem much too heavy and rigid for me!!


Both pairs have 490v2 at the front, while the pair I bought in June has WT490SG2 inside and the pair I bought today has WT490GY2. They are exactly the same except for the colour of the sole and squiggles. They have the same type for men but perhaps a different model number? My store is jimkiddsports I don't know if you have them in the Eastern states.


Yes - they are the ones I was looking at - trail shoes. I don't really do any offroad running much . They get some good write ups.


Oh good, I did well then. Looking at the pamphlet , the men model number start with M (of course) .

In the shop today, they had "running" as well as "training" as well as "trail" . Specials were $50 or $ $69.95


I wear Brooks Ravenna 5's. Love them! They are a stability shoe as I over pronate with my left leg. However, had them a year now and wondering if its time to change them? I do about 24k a week.


Hmm --- 50x24 == >1200 klms!!!! :)

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