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Hi everyone,

No interesting updates from me, unfortunately, just a quick plea for suggestions of good books with a running related theme.

Whilst on the IC, I should probably make the most of it, and I really enjoyed Alexandra Heminsley's first time marathon memoir Running Like a Girl (it's great! Go and buy a copy now!) which had excellent advice as well as being hilarious.

Is there anything that you've read recently that you would recommend?

Thanks :)

P x

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I like this, think everyone can learn something from it.....

( although I wouldn't buy it from amazon personally cos I try not to buy anything from your fecking taxes!!)


Oooh thanks. Will try to source from somewhere that's not Amazon (agree with the sentiment 100%).


Well I bought it in ordinary bookshop.. Added advantage you can browse it first ...


The Fugitive, wasn't he on the run?


I have 8 shelves of running related books now. I would not be without Eat and run by Scott Jurek and the two superlative novels Once a Runner and Again to Carthage by John L Parker jr. I would also highly reccomend anything by Dr George Sheehan, staring with Running and Being.


What I Talk About When I Talk About Running - Haruki Murakami

Run Wild - Boff Whalley

Running Free: A Runner's Journey Back to Nature - Richard Askwith

are all I've read, in addition to Running Like a Girl.

All nice injury couch reads I'd say, rather than plans of action which are probably what you don't need right now.

Can I also drop in a plug for the BBC Ouch disability podcasts?


Did you enjoy Running Free? I know Boff from Anarcho days but was rather disappointed by the book. It just seemed a ploemic against road runners rather than a celebration of fell runners. The Them/Us thing really grated on me.


I read the title of your post and was going to recommend Running like a Girl....but you have read it already :-) I read it last month and also enjoyed it..except I felt a bit put out that she seemed to go from nearly nothing to 5k in one go...

I have just ordered Older, Faster, Stronger by Margaret Webb, but can't comment on it yet...


Well - of course -- there is always "Born to Run". That's a good starting point.


I can definitely second the recommendation for What I Talk About...


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