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Week9 run1 - with Gabby the garmin

Can't believe I'm here and graduation is in sight :) yipee!!

I bought a forerunner 10 this week because I've been running too fast which made week eight really tough. The pace setter is excellent and really helps me keep in control of my run. So far very happy with my purchase and I'm glad ill have a new companion when I have to leave Laura next week :)

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Well done! That's brilliant. I'm in week 6 at the moment and just joined the forum. I've come across a few references to the forerunner 10, it seems really good? I'd really like to get a sense of how far I've run. Some people have suggested apps for my phone, but my phone can be a bit slow... Maybe I'll think about getting one of these gadgets. Good luck with your running :-)


Sounds like you are very much in control now. Hurray for Gaby. Nearly there. Good luck and let us know how you get on :)


I read the title of your post as 'Week9 run 1 - with Gabby the Gremlin'. Pleased my innately gloomy predictive text got it wrong. Congratulations on making it to Week 9, and enjoy your glorious Garmin!


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