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The other day just walking down the road with BaldyBoy, he said to me "you know, your posture is really very much improved since you've been running" I asked if he could tell me when this improvement became visible, he said the biggest difference came last year after I followed Bazza's "circular legs" advice, and there has been another step-change recently, which I put down to TurnTurtles "Parasail" advice.

This is an unexpected benefit from running, I have scoliosis and a herniated disc, so didn't really think I would be able to run any kind of distance, in fact I've had almost no problems with my back since I started C25K last year. Swimming, on the other hand, which was recommended to me by my osteopath often left me twinging afterwards. I wonder what my osteo would say about the running, I haven't had a chance to tell him as I haven't seen him for (The saving on his fees have probably paid for my shoes lol)

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Hi Curly

I've just read this post with interest as I also have scoliosis.

Swimming is a big no for me - in the past it has sent my back into spasm. So far I have been ok with c25k - starting week 6 on Sunday. I have stopped using my lumbar support in work, something I have used for years! And I tend to go for regular massages to keep the old back muscles relaxed.

I could fire a hundred different questions at you right now - happy to have found another c25ker with scoliosis! So you seem to be able to cover good distances without any significant problems?


I don't know how bad your scoliosis is, or frankly even if mine is bad or not so serious. I have a kink right under where my bra strap goes. My disc generally "goes" about twice a year, I'm not sure if it's related to the kink or not. I haven't pinged the disc since I started running, so I guess it must be doing me good! My longest distance to date is 12K.

I live in France half the year, the doc here gave me some absolutely mega medication that I suppose it not available in UK. I had a little twinge a few weeks ago, took a Brexin and a Lameline and I went out for a run!

I think the problem with swimming for me is that I tend to sort of sag in the middle, obviously that doesn't happen with running. Have you seen TTs post?


Not bad. The kink is towards my lower back, so if you look at me straight on I look wonky! My body doesn't do symmetry! ;-)

12k - fab! There is hope yet!

No, not seen TT's post. Another person with scoliosis?


Interesting. So you have some lateral curvature of the spine?

Your managing to run in spite of this offers everyone else some reassurance that the human body is pretty resilient. We have to look after ourselves, but there's no need to be neurotic about it. Good on you for testing those limits. You've overcome a lot to get running. I hope it all continues to work well for you.


I think any exercise which strengthens your core muscles is good for your back. I've always done some form of exercise, pilates is good too, and I used to be a belly dancer! There were some moves I couldn't do well, but it certainly keeps you mobile!


So you've never let it hold you back, then. Better still. Belly dancing sounds like pushing right to the edge of those limits!


Brilliant! This programme has o many unexpected benefits!


Yeah, go you, that's great news! I applied TT's wisdom today, and although I didn't go any faster, I sure as hell felt like one elegant chick, 'cos shoulders back = boobs up front. *mfam punches air*

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