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Is lightheadedness normal?

I am getting momentary lightheadedness just after slowing from run to walk. Passes quickly. Happened a couple of times since w1r1 (now at end of w1). Assume lack of oxygen from being very out of breath. Happened before whilst pushing myself swimming. Does anyone know whether this is just from being a little unfit? Your comments welcome. Thanks.

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I can only recall getting that from standing up too quickly sometimes.

I do sometimes make myself breathe more heavily than I automatically am, during rest breaks, so maybe that has prevented anything like this happening. (My legs think they're going to now go back to sleep, but my brain knows that in a few minutes they're going to have to work hard, so I deliberately breathe to compensate).

So there's an experiment you could at least try. Don't just follow your natural breathing patterns. After the effort, keep breathing hard, deliberately, even when your natural breathing rate tails off.


No, not had that when stopping, maybe on occasion felt a bit sick which soon passes, but usually when I stop the legs feel like jelly for half a minute, just keep walking..


Are you on any form of medication? My other half as suffered from something similar which we (after much investigation with doctors) believe is due to a combination of him trying hard when he is really quite unfit and the effect of the beta blockers he is on, which surpress his heart rate. It's worth getting checked.


Slow down. You might be pushing yourself too hard. It could also be the heat. Also, do you have a little food in your system before? Running on empty could make you lightheaded as well.


The same happened to me in the early stages of C25K but disappeared as my body got used to running and generally fit.


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