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Hot feet and new shoes

Morning all,

A little advice today please.

I had a gait analysis done a long time ago and had a pair of lovely asics that I never used for running, but are now pretty much dead and falling apart.

I bought a generic cheap pair of non brnaded trainers to do the C25k and have happily completed the programme (and then some) with a few aches and pains in my ankles and knees occassionally but nothing too bad, but now my long run is at 10k I am finding the shin pain is quite sore.

I switched to my old faithfuls for one run to see if it made a difference and it was like utter bliss, no pain at all, so decided to get a replacement pair of asics.

Tried my first run in my new shoes last night and ouch ouch ouch, my shins were unbearable and I have to stop 2k in to the run and walk home.

So my question is, do I just need to get used to the new shoe or should I be looking to change it. They are definitely the right support for me, but it was quite painful.

In addition, I found my feet were really hot which I have never experiences before, does anyone else get this?

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Did you order the asics online or buy them in a shop? Just because they're asics doesn't mean they're right for you as the models are all different and change over time. It may be worth going for another gait analysis and take the shoes with you. It could of course have nothing to do with the shoes and you may need to rest and see a doc if it doesn't get better. Good luck.


Well I checked out the support options on the asics website and bought online, but I agree maybe another gait analysis is needed. Thanks


Hummm.... shin pain after 2k isn't good at all. Do you think your gait could have changed since you had the analysis. After all, you're a much more experienced runner now. Personally, I'd be taking them back to the shop and looking for a refund- assuming they came from a shop that offers refunds.

Have to say, my feet felt really hot during my first run in my new Asics, much hotter than in my old shoes, but, weirdly, it only happened on the first run- all's well now. Good luck sorting out the problem :)


No it wasn't good, had to sit down! I think the gait is the key. I will certainly be looking for a refund.


Aw, poo :( Sounds like your gait has changed to me, and/or the shoes are not adapted to your running style. It may also be that your legs adapted to the C25K shoes, and had a shock getting different support all of a sudden :(

Shin splints seem to be associated with heel striking (often from too long a stride, and not hitting the ground below your hip but rather "out front", meaning that rather than striking mid-foot you're striking the ground with your heel) or overusing the lower leg. You may have changed your running style now you run more frequently - I'd go back and check your gait again. Check this article out - it may help? Hope it's sorted soon.



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