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a weird pain overnight!!

As advised in another post, I ran 14KLm yesterday - and last night I had a stabbing, pulsing pain in the bottom of my foot - close to the big toe. Kept me awake all night as I had to keep moving my leg to somehow relieve it. It wasn't severe pain - but was enough to be anoying - bit like a toothache ??

I got out of bed this morning expecting to feel something when walking - but it has gone away completely !!! ???? I don't normally get running "pains" .

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Frankly at our age Bazza I think we should just run through pains. Any twinge could be a harbinger of doom. Just stick two fingers up and press on...

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Hmm - well there is PAIN and pain!!! :) Minor pain could more probably be called "niggles" or "an ache" - it is very difficult to define just what can be ignored and what can't - fortunately I don't have much of a problem in this regard anyway -- my "pain" last night was unusual and highly noticeable - so something seemed definitely "wrong" -- but it has now completely disappeared. A bit weird really!! :)


Trapped nerve maybe?

That's a heck of a long way to go! I hope you didn't have to walk it home 😃

Well done ! 😊


Could it have been myxomatosis lol get it. On a serious note, glad its gone.


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