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New to this

Hey, thought I should post! I'm currently 3 weeks into my weight loss journey and have just finished my third week of Couch to 5k. I found this website as I could really use some support! Especially as I'm starting a full time job next week and don't want to stop because I'll be tired. I'll look properly on here tomorrow (should probably sleep soon!) but just wanted to introduce myself. :)

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Hello I'm 2 months into my weight loss journey and just on week seven of the Couch to 5K.

I work more than full time currently between 40-50 hrs a week, I get up an hour early and run in the mornings before i head out to work otherwise I cant find the time/ am too tired when i get home.

I have lost 1 stone 13lbs so far and i'm enjoying the program so much :)

Good luck on your journey


Hi, I run 2-3 times a week usually on my days off and walk the days I am working. I've been doing it for 3 weeks ( not following Ing the programme tho) and lost 3lbs so far. Good luck


I can only speak for myself, but I often find a run in the morning makes me more alert and ready for work, not less. Maybe I sleep more deeply at night or something, but my feeling is that running has the opposite effect of what you'd expect.

I've lost two-and-a-half stone since the start of the year, so stick with it – it pays off eventually.

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I'm between jobs at the moment (got something tomorrow, though) but when I go to work, I just make myself put in an extra hour at the end of the day. Eventually your metabolism just accepts that it has to propel you along a bit longer. There are limits to how far this can go, of course, but most of the time it's simply a matter of skipping something on TV at night for the sake of better entertainments.

Anyway, welcome. You're in for some pleasant surprises if you persist.


Hey there. Sounds like you're doing great! I started week 4 this morning and survived - which is more than I thought I would! I lost a stone before starting the programme but would like to lose at least one more - maybe even 1.5 - but will see what happens.

My favourite time to run is morning - usually out the door before 5.45 - if I leave it till 6am I have to nod and say good morning to folk - not good when you're red faced and struggling to breathe lol.

Good luck for next run :-)


Welcome made a great step forward starting c25k and joining this forum. Loads of support and inspiration. I started slimming world at week 5 of c25k (running alone just wasn't doing it, plus I think I was giving myself too many treats as rewards for getting off the couch!)

Well 7 weeks later, graduated, running at least 30 minutes 3 times a week and just over a stone lighter= happy bunny!

Good luck & enjoy your journey


Hi there

C25k will definitely help you with your weight loss as long as you're not treating yourself after runs. You won't need any extra food until you're running more than 10 kms

You should find that you sleep better. Getting outdoors and running really makes you tired, although at first you might find you're really too excited and it makes getting off to sleep a bit difficult. I got really twitchy legs at first, as they adjusted to the new levels of stress being placed on them. It soon faded though and I can now sleep for England.

I've lost 4 stone 7.5 lbs but I love my food but now it's good,healthy lean proteins, fruits and vegetables with the occasional treat. You should find that as you get into running that you'll want to be the fittest you can be so make the switch to healthier foods, and once you've done that you generally stick to them as you see such positive results

You just need to keep plugging away. Have fun!


Hi again

You have lost four and a half stones in weight which is exactly the amount I want to lose. This is very inspiring. Do you mind me asking what your average weekly weight loss was? Thanks.


Hi everyone, thank you for the welcome! I feel inspired to go for a run tomorrow morning now before work. Will update you all on how it goes! What a great community :)


My weight loss was a bit uphill and down dale, but then I suppose most people's is. It took me six months to lose half a pound at one point, which was pretty tough but I hung in there and never gave up.

It was about 1.5 lbs a week on average but that fluctuated from nil to 5 pounds. There was the occasional 3 or 4 but it was usually 1's and 2's, so gradual and it took a while. Some weeks you lose nothing and others you might gain a bit but I never gained much and not very often, thankfully.


Wow Miss Wobble, bet you're not wobbling too much these days! Well done on a brilliant result. My weight loss is consistently averaging 1.5-2lbs a week and agree that like the running bug, making healthy food choices is now the easy option when you can see & feel the results. I find going to a group weigh in & getting tips & support is key to successful weight loss. i am so focussed and I think the c25k program really helped with target setting and making great achievements. Good luck Jade


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