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Beautiful morning, sunny but was looking forward to going outside, although not sure what Laura had in store.

Went different route today which starts off all up hill, and on the second 90 sec 'plod/waddle/run' I got a stitch.

Luckily Laura explained about breathing at this point! It helped and actually by counting my breathing in and out, I found the running sections passed quicker.

Still accompanied by daughter, dog and a few rogue zombies! Although I think my daughter is listening to the zombie adventures on her phone, and following me on the C25K...but enjoyed the company even though we couldn't hear each other to talk, and anyway I don't have much spare breath to talk!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

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Well done Deborah, that's another run ticked off. Laura's advice about stitches is spot on, isn't it! :)

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Glad the run went well.I shall be doing W2R1 too tomorrow. I have hills all around me which I don't like at all! I actually find running down hills harder as the front of my shins hurt! Keep it up,following close behind and cheering us newbies all the way😀

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I'll have to remember to count later on my w2r3.

I must admit to dreading this run but can't let down Laura.

But I may switch to zombie adventures and see if that helps.


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