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Has anyone had to start again after injury?


I was on week five six weeks ago when I broke a bone in my foot leaving me barely able to walk. The hospital said no running for six weeks (I couldn't anyway!) and I've just about got the movement back now to walk normally, but my foot is still very stiff.

Does anyone have any advice, do I need to excercise it to unstiffen it or will it come on its own? I don't want to push my luck but I really want to get going again :)

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Have the hospital offered any rehabilitation? I would ask their advice or your GP, after any lay off we always recommend you get a good walking pace going for a couple of weeks before you attempt to run but if can ask specific advice it really will help you. My only advice is treat yourself with TLC and take it easy. Happy healing.


Spiky and I have just returned to running. My leg felt like a lump of wood and I expect it to for a while.

Just ran slowly for a few minutes at a time and then walked for 5 mins. Do your brisk warm up walk and the cool down, as normal. Run maybe every 2 or 3 days rather than every other day. Basically don't do too much

Take care


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