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Finding it hard to re-start after injury

I got to the end of week 4, but my shins and knees were sore so I decided to rest for a couple of weeks and re-start taking two rest days between and doing each week twice. However I then got a head cold and feel really low, I'm also worried the pain will happen again meaning I can't do it. I really enjoyed the program and thought at last I had found something I enjoyed, made me feel good and was helping me lose weight. I don't want to be condemned to a life of being obese and unhappy :-(

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You are doing the right things by taking rest days and repeating weeks until you feel ready to move up. Have you thought about going for a gait analysis to check if your shoes are the correct fit for you? Correctly fitting shoes will help. Also, do remember to stretch out after every run.

You may want to consider swimming, cycling or doing Pilates on your rest days, as these wil help build strength in the muscles used for running. Most of us have relatively sedentary lives, and spend a lot more time sat down then we should. This weakens muscles such as the glutes and our core (back + stomach muscles) which are used to help power our walking and running.

You've done the hard work in getting started on tis programme - keep going. We are here to cheer you on


If you already got to the end of week 4 you are a hero in my eyes! I am about to start week 4 today and have needed a grand total of 3 months to get this far :-) Ups and downs and all sorts have stood in the way of regular runs and although I have felt like stopping, my gut feeling says "carry on" - I was a complete beginner at the age of 59, by the way. When I started week 2 I had knee, hip and ankle pains. Then, on this very forum, I found the post from a fellow runner who suggested looking at chi running. Following the video I found on youtube I was able to change my running technique altogether and I know run without pain, albeit with ankle straps. Don't feel despondent - you have got this far and you can complete this program. I will, even if I need a year. Carry on, you enjoyed the first 4 weeks, you can do it!


Thanks for the encouragement guys. I have good running shoes as I got my running analysed. The stretching and Pilates is a good suggestion. Thanks


I'm a graduate, stopped for much the same reasons (add the weather too!) but since restarting my pains have stopped. It's hard to get going but cling on to The fantastic elements - when you get going again it will being it's rewards!


I had a similar thing happen to me at the end of week 4. I started again with run 3 of week 3 and was suprised I was still able to do this after having time off and then went on to week 4. It seems that the pains in my legs aren't as bad now and I certainly recover from each session quicker even though I still have days where I struggle to run for the full time. Once you step out of the door again it is ok, just go for it.


Good luck on re-starting the programme. If your shins continue to be sore then perhaps you could get checked out by a GP just to be on the safe side. With best wishes.


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