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Week 9 Run 1

I did the run yesterday afternoon - and I loved it! In Week 8, minutes 15-20 were tough. I hesitate to use the phrase 'hitting the wall' because this is not a marathon, but I had to really push through these. But yesterday, I hit 15 mins, turned around (because I run up and down the canal) and kept going with little fuss. I had a brief moment of 'Oh, I could stop right now' at about 23 mins, but I put this down to the little wooded area I run through then where I pulled up miserably in Week 7. Then I merrily trotted on. With one minute left, I upped my pace and when Laura said slow down, I could have kept going for at least another minute. Throughout the run, I was feeling happy and excited - is this a runner's high?

Loved it! I have this urge to find my old PE teacher and tell her of my achievements!

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That's great well done. I've just come back from my Wk 9, Run1 and had a similar "I could stop now" niggle when I got to about minute 13 but pushed through it.

Good Luck for the rest of the week and your graduation run... we're nearly there. :)

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We are, aren't we?? :) Run 2 is tomorrow and Run 3 is (hopefully!) Sunday!


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