Hurrah and Huzzah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After years (probably a good 30) of being unfit, I have finally bitten the bullet and started the Couch to 5K!!!!!!!

However, if it wasn't for the sheer determination and stubbornness of my 9 year old daughter, I would not be able to post this at all.

It was raining hard this morning and the plan was to drop OH off at work and run in local park. However, my daughter only had shorts so we went to Sports Direct to get her some running gear only to find out their card machine was not working and I had no cash on me!!! This was after waiting half an hour for it to open!

My daughter persuaded me to go to the park, despite her in football kit, only to try and synchronise our devices in vain. I nearly threw my iPhone in the pond!!!

After counting to more than 10, we eventually set off on Week One/Run 1 and I can't believe we did it - albeit with my daughter tapping me when to run and walk.

We finished with big grins on our faces and planning for the next instalment!

I have been so self conscious over the years and having zero confidence and never dreamed I would be able to take that first step!

I would like to also thank all of you who replied to my first post many months ago and who gave such good advice and encouragement! I also would like everyone who posts, that their successes and determination have helped enormously and hopefully it will be my turn to help the other new ones!

Watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!



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16 Replies

  • Well done! How lovely to be doing this with your supportive daughter :)

    I have just done W1R3 and cannot believe I have just typed / done that. ME!!!?!

    I'm also unfit and overweight- but we can do it :) x

  • Ahh.. thanks for the support! Well done to you as well!!!! I know, we spend more of our lives thinking about doing things then actually going out there and achieving! We can do it and will do it!!!!


  • Hey, I have had 30 years of unfitness too! Did think I was a little bit fit as I walk a lot and have done yoga for 2 years but not run since school really. Hope your couch to 5k journey goes well!

  • Thanks farawaytree74! I thought I was ok - walking with family every weekend or so but today taught me I was sooo.. wrong! Strangely though, since getting home and sitting for a while, I have just now hoovered and mopped everywhere! My husband will think someones broken in and swapped me!

    Good luck on your journey too! We will all have to support each other!!!


  • Well done both of you!

  • Thanks dagshar!

  • Well done for starting! Good luck with your journey, and I hope you enjoy it.

  • Well, here's hoping I'll enjoy it. As someone said earlier, don't think too far ahead and get through each run. Thanks for the encouragement!


  • Fantastic... It sounds like you two had fun... I did the programme with my daughter and her friend and kids just love it... Enjoy yourselves 😎

  • Hi juicyju!

    My daughter has nagged me for ages since I told her about Couch to 5K. She wants to run better at her primary school and be healthy! I might get to be that role model at last!!!


  • Hooray -well done for getting out there despite all the setbacks! How lovely to run with your daughter! Enjoy.

  • Thanks Ullyrunner!

    If nothing else, we will have lots of fun! It's something I can do with her for a change as Dad usually does the kick about and cricket with her.

    We will enjoy!


  • Well done you.

    Before C25K the last time I tried running was when I started the 1500m at Venture Scouts sports day aged about 17 and failed to even finish!

    And now.... on a good day..... I can run 5km! Me! The programme works. Stick with it and let us know how you get on. :-)

  • Thank you Rainbowsmurf!

    I think that the support on here is second to none! it really helps to read that other people have been in the same boat as well! I've also been trying to eat healthier too, following the basic principles of the 12 week plan.

    I will get there - it's not a race......yet!!!


  • Woot woot! Well done you! And kudos to your daughter for being your trainer - I can tell you that my 15 year-old can be a draconian leader, booting me out of bed at 6.30 a.m. for a run together, but we're both hooked now... Enjoy the journey!

  • Thank you mfamilias!

    Yes, I have got that to come! She is determined to get me out at 6am when I go back to work - no escape for me! Thankfully she is nothing like me in personality - she is courageous,focussed and finishes what she starts!

    I have kept trying to make changes leading up to milestones i.e. 30,40 to no avail and now have realised I just have to start anytime! And then keep going...

    We will keep everyone posted!


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