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What to wear when it's raining?


It's raining. And chilly. What do you guys and gals where to run in when the weather is like this? So far it's not rained on any of my runs.

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I just wear my usual clobber (Lycra running leggings, strappy top and t shirt over) you soon warm up and it feel lovely and refreshing running in the rain. It was torrential the other week. Beautiful run!


Just normal running clothes. I get hot when running, so the rain helps to cool me down ! couldn't stand it wearing a jacket !


Thanks ladies. I went out in usual clothes. As it happened the rain actually stopped when I got out.


I take a lightweight running jacket and tie it round my middle when I've warmed up and put it back on for the cool down walk. You can get quite cold after you've stopped running, specially if it's dull and raining

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I wear the same in the winter pretty much as I do in the summer, probably because its hard to tell much difference.

I add a baseball cap - keeps the worst of the rain out of my eyes - but otherwise just what I would normally wear. I love running in the rain!

(If it's a parkrun - or a run I've had to drive to, I add a couple of towels for the car, 1 to sit on, 1 to dry with!)

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Good ideas - thank you

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My first time with a baseball cap today. Looked daft but it was actually very effective and likely to become a staple item (not literally or I'll not get it off).


I just wear whatever I would normally wear. I bought a "waterproof" jacket, but it's useless in the rain. I love rain running, it's boiling and dry as a bone where I am... envious sigh.....


If it was cold and rainy here, I'd be wearing my usual clobber with a lightweight rain jacket around my waist, as MW suggests. I'd like some rain here too.

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I'd be happy to pass some along to your neck of the woods ;-) it'sexpected to rain all next week where I am. Suppose I better get used to running in the rain then.

As little as possible. Our skin is waterproof!

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I was concerned I'd be cold on my warm up, as I have shivered through a couple so far, but I guess I should just get on with it. I suppose my muscles are warming up even if my skin doesn't until I run?

As someone who started C25K on Jan 4 I had plenty of runs in the rain / sleet and more. It's just a case of adding a waterproof jacket and taking it off if and when you need to. Invest in one or two....you're going to need em!! Oh, and I love rain running but then I am in Lancashire!! :)

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That's very committed of you Northern, I couldn't imagine having the motivation to start in the winter!


I was wondering the same. Wish I'd seen this before I went running today - was convinced I needed to wear a hoodie and didn't want to go out in the torrential rain - I went out in drizzle and hoodie and boiled! Next time I'll be brave, wear my normal gear, and not wimp out from a downpour!

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I went in my normal gear today. Fine when running. Have to be honest, didn't enjoy the cool down walk in the cold rain though. Maybe it's an accquired taste?! ;-)

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