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Wk 4 r2

Not a great start to my second run this week, the minute I stepped out the door it started to rain and by God was it torrential. Oh well I thought, least it will keep me cool!! Warm up was ok, got some water in my eyes and then Laura told me to GO for 3 minutes do off I went. Got up the hill, music blaring and I felt good. Turned the corner next song comes on, oh I like this song I think to myself. Hmm not heard from Laura in a while, oh and the songs finished, but I'm still running. Take off my jacket and the app has paused, 3 seconds into my 3 minute run!! So judging by the song length my first 3 min run was actually about 5 minutes.

So lesson learned, lock your iPhone once the app has started. Thankfully despite the rain and longer start the rest if the session was fab and I'm loving every minute of it :)

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Sounds like a pretty good run to me!

Make sure you take your rest day and stretch well - sounds like you ran a little further than expected.

Good luck with r3 - and happy running!


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