More info about park run please!

It seems park run is the latest running trend in the UK and I am quite jealous! I would love to pop down to the park on a Saturday morning do a 5k run in company and head home. Here in Italy there are two park runs - both of which are hundreds of miles from me - so I am putting forward a proposal to some of my Italian buddies that I know run to see if we can get it started in our area. However, this is a place where new initiatives are very slow to take hold. I just wondered if any of you have any experience of being involved with a new park run event that can give me any advice / information! Thanks.


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  • If you go to the park run uk home page there is a button for 'start your own park run'. Then you can select the button for 'Italia'.....and submit an enquiry.

  • Thanks henpen - yep, I have already looked at that and the italian one (which is more or less identical). I just wondered if there are any runners out there that have been involved in setting up a park run. I guess I'm looking for personal experience - positives and pitfalls, so that if I do decide to take it on I am going in with my eyes wide open.

  • Parkrun has spread all over the place, but it is only by the likes of you having a go that it can happen. The organisation is all about empowering people and I am sure they would love to help you get organised. Follow henpen's advice and tell us how you get on. Best of luck.

  • I have been part of setting up my local parkrun. The idea was initiated by members of local running clubs and backed by the council.

    Here, you are given an "ambassador" - someone local with experience of running and setting up previous events. They guide and help you through the whole process.

    I was only a small part, And didn't get involved in the application/paperwork side of things.

    Once applications had gone through, we had 3 trial/practice events, with invited runners from the local clubs. These ironed out things like problems with the course - initially it was slightly less that 5k and had a few too tight turns. They also gave the core team of volunteers a chance to learn how the technology works.

    The event is now going from strength to strength.

    Give it a try - it's really not that hard if there's enough of you. And it's hugely rewarding when it's up and running (excuse the pun!)


  • Thanks Frances - that's just the kind of info I was hoping for. I have a friend here who is an 'ultra' runner and he has set up several events over the past few years. He's on board with the idea, but as parkrun hasn't taken off here as yet he is still doubtful that we can get it working as a weekly event (plus the fact that everything here is a chore to get up and running - you know what they say about Italian bureaucracy, it's all true plus some - it took me three months to get permission from our local council for a cycle to school day!) I really want to be able to take part in a park run though and that ultimately means organising one! Where there's a will there's a way!

  • I'll see if I can find you any contact details for people who might be able to help you.

  • Wow, Parkrun in Palermo - brave folks!!! I can't imagine running there in the summer... Whereabout in Italy are you?

    It is true about bureaucracy, but between me an you it is also true that most Italians... se ne sbattono altamente e le cose le fanno lo stesso!! * I mean, we've had decades of non-existent governments (70's...) and still life went on as usual... in my opinion Italy is one of the very few countries where the utopia of Anarchy could become reality ;)

    * which means : don't give a damn and do things all the same

  • True Pigivi, we are in Abruzzo. My major obstacle will be getting people motivated enough to take part and create the anarchy required!! - we cycle to school every day during term time and, although admired, are thought of as a little bit crazy!

  • Just spoken to our mentor. If you go through the "do you want to start your own parkrun" link, that will go to someone who can help - probably the people who run one of the other events. There will also be a country manager out there.

    Good luck. Let us know how you get on.

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