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Delayed Update

Not really on target with my HM training :( however I am getting out there. I am, thankfully, back to 3 times a week :) I am hoping my slow and steady pace will at least allow me to finish even if I walk/run the whole thing! I have noticed I recover so much quicker than I used to. I must be doing something right!

Also behind on my target for this year :( so all in all slacking a lot!

I did have a picture of where I ran this morning but can't get it to up-load/download whichever lol

Good luck to all those with races today.

Happy running

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You're not the only one (not that it's any consolation). I've just lost one week of my HM training and probably about to lose another due to a really bad cold that seems to have settled on my chest.

When is your HM? I do have plenty of time as mine isn't until Oftober but it is scary how time disappears and how life can get in the way of training, so a back up plan of run/walking isn't a bad idea.

You may be behind on your targets but you are still out there that's got to be better for you. Can't help on the photo font as I've never uploaded one. Good job the new shoes law came in well after I'd bought mine :-)


Thank you for your support. My HM is 13th September :( i am trying to swim a little some days too.

What do you mean 'new shoes law' ?

Good luck with your training


You've probably found it now but it's the law around these here parts to publish photo's of new shoes for us to drool over (I've not had any new ones since it started). There are now also pics of shoes that have been honourably discharged from running. Yes we're all mad but in the best possible way.


Don't worry about the slow thing. You want to run safely and injury-free so I wouldn't be in too big a hurry. A half marathon is hard so training regularly as you're doing, but going nice and steady will be fine. Are you doing some other exercise to help your fitness along? It would make sense to do so


Thank you for your support.

I am trying to swim a little too, however I not very good at that either! I am slow and seem to be going backwards not forwards!

happy running


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