Feel like crying 😢

Week 8 run 1 BIG FAT FAIL 😢

Is managed 8 measly minutes then a further 2 then just gave up!

Ridiculous since I've done 4 25 min runs now & ran 26 the other day!

I don't know what it is, I changed my route & it was hillier & busier ( I don't like running in company-Weirdo!) it was roasting & I've got a lot going on at work at the minute so been on the verge of tears for a few days now totally stressed out.

The last straw was when 2 young whippet thin teenagers overtook me at lightning speed in their hot pants & crop tops and then some old Pervy guy followed me leering at me for ages so I just turned around and went home. I feel like quitting.


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20 Replies

  • You didn't fail, failure is not even starting C25K, Rafael Nadel went out early at Wimbledon, sometimes its just not your day, it goes like that. Get yourself together and have another go, you've already shown you can run 25 minutes.

  • Really? You feel like quitting because you had a bad run? After all your success so far?

  • Big running hugs to you 😀

  • Definitely not a fail Vicxzy - not getting up off the sofa is a fail!

    Some days things just don't go right on a run - I get over-heated and if I've not been sleeping well, I don't manage what I've set out to do. But it's not a fail ... just not the run you had planned.

    Dust yourself down, choose another route, and try again and I'm sure you'll do it - it's only 2 minutes more than you know you can already run!

    Let us know how you get on.


  • I feel like quitting because my head isn't in the right place :( I might be out of a job soon & I'm so stressed I can't even think about completing the programme.

  • I'm sorry you're in an awful stressful situation. That's all the more reason to continue - running does clear the head and is good for stress relief. But also be kind to yourself. One crummy run is a bump in the path. Don't give it another thought, you're doing great. And if the long runs are bugging you now don't give up. You can always add some intervals back in. Just keep moving.

  • Aw balderdash, that's miserable. But you didn't fail oh weepy one, you still beat all those folk out there on the couch. Take heart in that. Pack up your troubles, reschedule & get out there again!

  • Hi Vicxzy, I used C25K when I was in the throws of being made redundant, I used it as something separate to focus on, 'me' time if you like. I just wanted to get out of the house, get some fresh air, and have something else to think about. Run if you feel like it, walk if you don't. I wasn't planning to get into running, but now I wouldn't be without it. Yes it was a tough time, C25K kept me sane actually and stopped me falling into a big black hole, but it will pass, things will change, you'll work it out. Allow yourself extra time to complete the weeks if you need to.

    Visit the forum often, read the posts, take part if you want to, or just read if you don't. Don't be so hard on yourself, we're all human.

    I hope you continue with the programme, take it slow and steady, you'll be glad you did.


  • Been there done that. The tip with running is never look back, park that run and try again.

    Honestly. Running is a mind game. Remember week 5. How we all said we couldn't but we did. Weeks 8 and 9 are the same, You can and you will, just park what's happened

    Next time think I can, go slowly and surely, take your mind off anyone watching, just run from landmark to landmark and hey presto it will be done

    We all have bad runs. Don't dwell on them but remember the goods ones. Tell us when you succeed , which I promise you will

  • ERM Scratch that BFF !!! No such thing . did you say week8 , that takes some doing to get to that point. shit happens ,bad day , whatever ,certainly doesn't make you failure !!

    Dust yourself off ,take a deep breath and go out there and just do it :D because you can :D

  • We all have bad runs at some point. Mine was Week 6 Run 3 ! It was warm, I changed the route, started out in the wrong frame of mind, and a hill did me in.

    Managed to complete the program and have continued running.

  • Move on! It was a bad day. We all have them. :)

  • Hi vicxzy,

    As someone who has also spent the last few says at work on the verge of tears(!) - you will not quit!! You just had a bad run, maybe due to your stress, the weather,who knows? Have a few days off and get back out there again! You were also right to stop. I pushed myself at week 8 when I felt rubbish and three days later I tore a calf muscle! Am now back at w2 after 7 weeks on injury couch. Good luck and I will look out for news of your next run!

  • Sometimes it goes like that. I went out for a 4k run today and stopped after 2k - overly hot, pain in buttock, had done a lot of swimming and other stuff Monday / Tuesday. No matter, next time I go out it will be fine. Same for you!

  • First - there is no such thing as failing a run... we all meet obstacles on our way.

    Thinking of quitting because of one run gone wrong? At week 8??? You're nearly there!

    I think you know very well that if you quit now you'll feel even worst - you will end up berating yourself because you did not finish the program.

    Lots of good advice from Sandra, Madge and everyone else... so I won't repeat it :)

    And sorry to hear you may be out of work - but quitting the program will not change that, if anything completing it will give you the confidence to go and find something better. :) x

  • You're a week 8. You are a runner!

    It sounds like everything got on top of you on this one, and you have added stresses in your life at the moment that can make it all seem difficult.

    Running is a great stress reliever and gets those feel good endorphins flowing.

    Put this one behind you and go for it. You are so close to graduation and that is well worth the effort.

  • No no no no no! Stopping at week 8 is like deciding to swim across the Channel and giving up when the coast is in sight. Imagine telling your Week one self that you were going to give up so close to victory, huh.

    So c'mon, up you get... wipe the tears away... dust off your knees... and take a good look at the gang telling you that you CAN do it. We've all been there, seen that and got the T-shirt at some point - so put the bad run behind you and keep going.

  • We don't allow the "F" word here on HU, there's no such thing - you ran didn't you? Could you have run 10 minutes a few weeks ago? You say you don't know what it was, but then list a number of reasons that probably affected your performance - any one of those alone would be enough to spoil a run. Put it behind you, you've done fantastically up to now, and in my experience the next time out after a less than successful run is normally brilliant. You'll crack it next time. xx

  • I have been running for a couple of years now. 2-3 runs a week consistently.

    And last week I went out for a run with the intention of running for about half an hour. Out of the blue, from absolutely no where, I had to stop after about 12 minutes. I just couldn't do it. I still don't really know why. I just felt exhausted.

    I went home, had a nice hot Radox bath, and early night and went out the next day and things returned to normal.

    Sometimes it's just not your day. But please don't quit, you've already done the hard part!

    And 10 minutes running is a lot better than Zero minutes running.

    Take a little break and try again in a few days :-)

  • OK going to be tough here.

    YOU ARE NOT QUITTING. Not after you have got this far. Laura said that you are a runner. You are a runner, YOU CAN AND DO RUN! So let's stop the negativity.

    But you are still building a lot of fitness and simple things can floor your completely. It has happened to me. Work gets stressful and I eat to compensate and don't drink enough. So I go for a run to help me out, but it's warm outside and humid and I just don't run well at all, 15 mins in and I am taking breaks and feeling like I failed.

    So next run day, focus on the food and the hydration, lace up the shoes and then don't think about C25K just think about going for a gentle run, reverse a route or pick a new one just to shake things up and enjoy getting into your pace and rhythm.

    You are not racing anyone else but yourself, find a nice slow pace and see where it takes you. We all have bad runs and they suck but you didn't get to week 8 without a lot of bravery and persistance. 3 more runs and you graduate. Good Luck

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