App for pacing?

Can anyone recommend an app that helps with pacing? I know I have read posts on here where people have described an app where you set a target pace and then it makes different noises to tell you if you are on-pace, under-pace or over-pace. Although I have a Garmin watch, it’d be really useful to have something audible to help keep pace, rather than trying to keep looking at my watch or phone constantly once I’m running.

Many thanks


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10 Replies

  • Which Garmin do you have?

    Mine can be set for ranges of pace and will beep if you stray outside of the range. You need to program it as a "workout" - say 15 mins jog or 10 mins run and once you activate the workout it tell you whether you are keeping to pace.

  • It’s a Forerunner 110. Don’t think it can be set for ‘workouts’(it’s the lower end of the range), but then again I’ve lost the instruction booklet!

  • You can download the instruction booklets for garmins, just google it. My husband has a 110 and I think he can do workouts. You set them up in Garmin Connect then send them to the watch.

  • Manual is available here:

    Sadly I can't see any reference to setting workouts on it, but then I haven't looked terribly closely.

  • An owner of the Forerunner 110 here, nope, it cannot do workouts, sadly.

  • I use RunKeeper. It maps your run as you go, and you can set it to announce your time/distance/pace. Mine lets me know how I'm doing every 5 minutes.

  • I use Run Double and it has this option:

    "Pace Alarm: Enable periodic alarm when your pace drops below a certain limit."

    And you can set your goal set.

    I haven't used this option yet, but probably I'll try these days and I can report afterwards :)

  • Runkeeper can be set to give "Target Pace" advice. I have never used, it because normally Runkeeper's current pace notifications are totally laughable in their inaccuracy.....but you may have more luck than me.

  • Yes -- I have tried using Runkeepers "Target Pace" mode - and found the same as you - paces that seem to vary all over the place. Hence I basically now just listen to my "average" pace , which seems to be much more accurate/believable.

    I am not sure whether it is simply a Runkeeper problem however - logically, the only way any device is able to calculate pace is to measure the distance between two points and divide that by the time taken -- accuracy will depend on many things - how close the two points are to each other, whether they are a straight line or a curve, etc, etc -- so I am thinking that perhaps all of these current pace announcements have an inherent inaccuracy??

    I usually set my audio cues to tell me my average pace for the run every 250 metres. Yesterday, I also ( for the first time) set it to tell me " current split pace" as well -- but I am not sure what this means - it was telling me average pace every 250 metres as usual, but was also telling me current split pace every 250 metres - so I am not sure what they mean by current split pace???

  • Thanks for these comments everyone. Think I'll try both Runkeeper and Rundouble.

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