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I have just completed week 7 run 1. During the 25 min run week 6 I covered 4km. Today I covered 4.56 in the 25 mins. I would rather be able to run longer distances at an even pace than worrying about the whole 5k/30min thing. On the split timing my first km is the slowest - this is due to 'The Horrid Hill' as it is now referred to in our house. The rest is fairly even but I know I won't be able to keep this pace up for longer distances and longer distances are my (very far away) long term goal. Any advice would be welcome. Thx

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I did most of my c25k on the treadmill and by the end managed a sub 27 min 5k. Since running outside my times are slower but my outside 5k pb is 30mins 15 secs. I did the B210k programme and it builds you up over 5 weeks and it is tough but my 10k best is 1 hour 4 mins 56 secs. Looking at your progress I don't think you'd have any issue with b210k then half marathon. I find the garmin useful for pacing. Good luck


Thank u. I will have a look at the Garmin. I had intended to look at it as a graduation pressie for myself after week 9 anyway. My distant aim is 10k but a bit to go before I reach those heady heights!


I run on very flat ground (just the way it is where I live), and my first km is always the slowest. I think it has to do with the body's initial "What? you want me to RUN? AGAIN? Are you SERIOUS?" reaction.

Two pieces of advice...

1) stick to the programme until you're running 30 minutes. Never mind the distance. just focus on the time. Speed will come later, if you desire.

2) after you're up to 30 minutes, throw some speed training into the mix. Intervals between FAST and jogging can give a lot of speed in relatively short time.

C) Don't worry about it for the time being, just enjoy the feeling of getting stronger and being able to run for longer durations.

Yeah, that was three. I also can't count :)


Thank you. Actually that makes sense as I spend the first couple I minutes of every run thinking 'I can't do this' & 'I'm never going to make it' once the Horrid Hill is done my head seems to get around the fact that I can maybe do the run. When I think back to how I struggled through 60 second runs the first week I'm amaze at how well this programme works. I thought Laura was delusional!


You're lucky it's only the first couple of minutes - it's nearly always at least 20 for me before my head decides it might as well shut up and let me have my own way :-)

Good reply from Tomas!


Thx Annie. The first few minutes are can't and the remainder of the run is might. I never actually think I will until Laura tells me to walk! Head gremlins me thinks. I am probably overthinking the whole thing as I do tend to obsess a little.


You don't have to worry about the 5 k thing. Put it out of your mind and just finish the runs. To graduate you have to run 30 minutes, that's it

Good luck


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