Yoo hoo!

Yoo hoo!

How has this happened? My entire sartorial life has been based around sourcing the softest, finest natural fabrics with which to clothe my person.

So how have I ended up with a wardrobe of deeply unflattering, brightly coloured, 100% acrylic items which make a whisk, whisk, whisking sound when I walk?

And why is it that I love them?!

Behold the newest addition to my wardrobe: a fluorescent pink bomber jacket.

I promised myself I wouldn't buy any running clothes before graduating. Then came the capris, shorts and Garmin (it's waiting for my birthday to arrive, so not a cheat, honestly). And now this, which I saw and fell in love with and couldn't leave the shop without. It's still Week 8. And this is a sure sign I have Totally Lost My Mind.

Hah! Feels so good. Happy running weekend everybody.

P x


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  • Nice jacket!

    I'm like you , and had to stop myself from looking around the shop today when I was buying the shoes - the hiking department is the one that makes me spend all my money! Luckily I don't go to weddings as most of my friends are done with that - I'd be in serious wardrobe trouble :)

    I believe some hiking and running gear are quite interchangeable, baselayers especially - you could try Icebreaker merino t-shirts and baselayers - at least it's natural - with the huge advantage that it doesn't stink - honestly, you could wear the same top a few times and no one will notice.

  • Thanks, that sounds like a good idea actually and one I'd not considered. Loving the sales at the moment so hopefully should be able to pick up some more tasteful hiking base layers.

  • Join the club!! I find it very difficult to resist gear of any kind now - and of course there is always something else we "need" :-)

  • Lovely top - and I want some shorts like those! Guilty of the same here - Rugby-boy had to tear me away from the running gear at the sales and show me the 'girl' clothes yesterday. I ended up sulking and buying nothing.

  • Yes, who needs dresses and high heels when there's a world of compression tights out there! My feelings exactly x

  • love the blue shorts! i'm not a fan of pink but that looks like a nice jacket too! yep, its strange to get v excited about long leggings, capri pants, shorts with lots of zips and pockets! most of my stuff is the blue of your shorts or turquoise. then theres headbands, arm warmers, tshirts vests socks, never ending possibilities! we are all guilty of this insanity! :)

  • Yes, I also prefer aqua and turquoise most of the time, but I think my inner 7 year old just took over on this occasion. I do like a good pocket, or well placed mesh panel I have to say. How bizarre :)

  • Hahahahaha ! Gotcha !

  • It's an illness we all seem to develop & for which there is no cure other than Bankruptcy!!

    I'm so not a pink girl, apart from my running kit bizzarley. Just about all of my my kit either is pink or contains it.

    My sister gave me a pair of Craghopper walking trousers the other day. Even they have pink bits on them.

    Oh & as for the compulsion to buy "stuff"........... πŸ˜†

  • I'm still on the natural fibres. I have a couple of pairs of capri running trousers but it has to be very warm for me to want to wear those instead of full length cotton leggings and even then find them a bit hot (if I had capri length cotton I'd probably go with that)

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