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Woo hoo 😳

Well that's the most I have ran in 47 years (unless I have been chasing the kids lol). W1R3 done 😃😃. Feel so happy but was shocked at how tired my legs were while I was running today (didn't think I would do all runs - but I did). Concerned I won't finish this programme if this is only 3rd run but I'll take 1 day at a time. Hope you enjoy your runs today 😊

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Trust in the programme as you are building up stamina.


Thank you I will. Most of the posts about different questions on here - all replies say the same. Go slow and trust the programme 😃


You will finish it.. we are all here and now we now you are too :)

Slow and steady is the gets you to Week 9 injury free and having had a good time... the programme is so structured and intended to move you safely and steadily forward.

Listen to your body all the time... take your rest days too... some strength and flex on those days can be helpful too:)

One day at a time and one step at a time :)


Chasing children, that is great exercise; after years of teaching, I realised I would never catch them :)


Thank you for your help. I need all the tips I can 😃. The only thing that I'm a little confused about (I am using the iPhone app Couch to 5k) every week only has 3 runs? It states rest 1 day in between. I started Monday this week and have done 3 runs, when I rest tomorrow I should run again Sunday (which would be 4 runs and still week 1). Should I run or take 2 rest days? I want to run Sunday 😃

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Yep.. three runs..and you organise it to suit yourself... just make sure there is at least one rest days between each run. My usual run days are Sunday,( my favourite run-day) Tuesday and Friday. I have two rest days Wednesday and Thursday, just because of other things.. :)

It is a bit different for me at the moment as I am following a 10K revisited plan, which has more rest or exercise days..:) ( I post on Bridge to 10K forum too ).

I would advise three runs and take 2 extra rest days.. you can do other exercise, NHS Strength and Flex, swimming or cycling, on those days or whatever you fancy :)

This is your journey, so go for it :)


Thank you 😊

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