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Miss w!

Hello there, I've not been on for a bit I was just wondering how you'd gotten on with the bike and if you thought it was beneficial to your running etc and above all of you were enjoying it! I have achieved my goal I set at the beginning of the year of biking to work 😁 I managed to do it twice last week there and back, which is 8 miles each way and takes me 45 mins. I work every other week so I'm hoping to add in an additional ride til I get to four times a week (out of 7) sadly i haven't been for a run in a good couple of weeks though I'm playing football twice a week which I'm hoping is retaining my fitness!

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Hello!!!! (waves) I've not been on it yet. My leg was just too painful so it's still in the shed.

Today I had a much better day, and with no physio appointment in sight, I think I might give it a whirl.

I won't be taking my bike on the main roads, just local trails. I have no appetite for roads since my jog leader was killed a few weeks back. It's so dangerous. Take care out there!

Cycling, running and footy should keep you fit. I think running is good for fitness so try and get some runs in.


Ah I was wondering how the foot was! Just take it easy and get back when you can it can wait. With regards to the road, I know what you mean it scares me a lot and I'm not very confident but I do go on the pavement S much as possible! There is a dual carriage way with a limit of 60 mph I have to go through! Luckily on the way home it has a pavement I can go on but not the way there but I travel at 8 at night and 6 ish in the morning so Ita not that much traffic. Hope u can get on the bike soon ☺️


Take care. Be sure to have flickering and bright colours going on!

Apparently motorists see reflectors higher up on the body rather than at the back of the seat where they are usually positioned


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