Knee Failure

I was attempting to run a 7 mi tempo run and all was well until about the 6th mile then my left knee started to give me pain. Luckily, this was a cool down mile but it kept getting worse until I was hobbling at the end. I got home and started to RICE the injury. I'm supposed to run a long run tomorrow for 12 miles. We'll see how that goes. Any major pain and I'll be back to the couch.


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  • Just in case it's any help, I posted a few days ago -

    The point is, although you have a pain in your knee, it's likely that the cause lies elsewhere. In my case it was my feet, which weren't being properly compensated for by the support running shoes I'd bought after having my gait analysed.

  • My trainer told me today that it may be a muscle in the leg that is tight. He suggested using a form roller before a run to help stretch it out. I'll try it and see what happens.

  • gosh what sort of training plan are you on that has 7 mile tempo and 12 mile on consecutive days?

  • There is a day of non-running between two runs. The program comes from a book that I recently read titled "Run Faster Run Less." Basically, I ride a crossfit and crosstrain on Mondays, run track repeats on Tuesday, take Wednesday off, tempo run on Thursday, Crossfit and crosstrain on Friday long run on Saturday and take Sunday off.

  • Blimey, that's hard core even by my standards. Riding and Crossfit and cross training all in one day? A Crossfit session is usually enough to break me for the day.

    I would suggest ask your Crossfit trainer to have a look at your knee when you go today, and if todays WOD involves any Olympic lifts, skip them or at least wear a brace.

  • Luckily, we never do any Olympic lifts...We usually stick to low weight and high reps. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Also - knee pain can be just that - knee pain. I hobbled/limped home on an Easter Sunday with knee pain striking suddenly - cause was a damaged cartilage/meniscus. I would get it checked out.

  • Poor you well done for finishing. As a novice w7r3 with a slight knee problem I am interested in the RICE therapy treatment???

    Please explain πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒ

  • RICEβ€”Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

    Rest. Rest and protect the injured or sore area. Stop, change, or take a break from any activity that may be causing your pain or soreness.

    Ice. Cold will reduce pain and swelling. Apply an ice or cold pack right away to prevent or minimize swelling. Apply the ice or cold pack for 10 to 20 minutes, 3 or more times a day. After 48 to 72 hours, if swelling is gone, apply heat to the area that hurts. Do not apply ice or heat directly to the skin. Place a towel over the cold or heat pack before applying it to the skin.

    Compression. Compression, or wrapping the injured or sore area with an elastic bandage (such as an Ace wrap), will help decrease swelling. Don't wrap it too tightly, because this can cause more swelling below the affected area. Loosen the bandage if it gets too tight. Signs that the bandage is too tight include numbness, tingling, increased pain, coolness, or swelling in the area below the bandage. Talk to your doctor if you think you need to use a wrap for longer than 48 to 72 hours; a more serious problem may be present.

    Elevation. Elevate the injured or sore area on pillows while applying ice and anytime you are sitting or lying down. Try to keep the area at or above the level of your heart to help minimize swelling.

  • Wow Ty this post is extremely insightful. I stretched my knee, done a little yoga but I am aware of it over my other knee. I will bear in mind and follow your guidance. Ty for your detailed response it is much appreciated. As a keen cook I thought it was a recipe made from rice for knee πŸ˜‚ thanx again

  • Update:

    I took the whole week off until a 4 mi run on Saturday. I could only do 2.8 mi before I had to slow to a walk/jog pace. A friend that I knew from other races gave me the name/number of a doc (who is also a runner) that helped him with his knee last year. I go to see him Thursday and hope for the best. For now, I'm only riding a bike or swimming to keep my cardio up.

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