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Accentuate the positive

So, after a week of sitting around, initially immobile with pain and then zonkd to the eyeballs with opiod pain relief, and alternating between denial and frustration, I have decided it is time to stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with what I can do. Drs have said at least 4 weeks off running and 6 off lifting etc, which is a bit of a bugger for my marathon training. I have been sternly warned about not cheating on that, and despite many hours of searching on the internet, have not found any athlete who says anything different.

However, that does not necessarily mean I have to just slump on the couch in a gouched out haze of drowsy bitterness. So...

1.) am resuming the marathong training plan, but just walking rather than running. Dr says I am fine to walk as much as I want. While this isn't going to do a great deal for my running it will have some cardio benefit, and will keep me focused on a routine and committing the time.

2.) can't do anything that involves arms/shoulders/chest, which rules out a lot of core work, but can still do leg work, so am working out circuits of squats (hooray!), lunges, calf raises etc. From now on, every day is leg day.

haha. In 6 weeks time I'm going to have thighs like treetrunks with this puny pipecleaner armed upper body, but it's all better than nothing.

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that's the spirit...well done Rig. I know its hard ( I had 6 weeks off last year from injury) and I was obsessed with the rowing machine and swimming!! The time will pass and before you know it you will be back out there and training...hang in there :)


Holy c*** - that's annoying to say the least!

But good that you can walk - and you have a plan!


Yay Go Rig !

You cant keep a good man down ( Well you can if you put your foot on his head ,ha ha , but that's another story :-))

Anyway I digress. Good for you for having a plan , and you can still do squats - FAB !!

Good Luck ! :-) xxx


Well done Rig. Stay upbeat. I love walking. It gets you places!


I now have an image of you looking like an upside-down Popeye at the end of the 6 weeks, which isn't helping my morning :/

I'm glad you've found something you can work at. Good plan :)


Best of luck fella - your positivity is inspirational.


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