Couch to 5K


Today I started week 4, I'd doubted myself that I could actually do it but I did and I'm really pleased with myself. Only problem is I'm still really struggling with tight ankles. When I'm running, after a period of time my ankles feel really stiff, when I slow to a walk they feel tighter and ease a bit when I run again but hurt more when I walk. By the time I finish the 5 min cool down walk the pain has gone and the ankle no longer tight and doesn't bother me again until I run next.

I am hoping that continued running will ease the problem (not cause injury), and it will go away, but it is annoying as it really slows me down. I am managing the runs with breathing etc it's just these sore tight ankles!. This pain isn't new to me though, I always get this tight feeling in my ankle if I do a walk of any length and especially if I pick up the pace of the walk.

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I'm a tendinitis veteran. I started running with tubigrip bandages, and then invested in compression socks and it made all the difference. Keeps the ankle supported (and warm) and I've not had a recurrence in the last 5 weeks.

I hope you find a solution that helps you out.


Thank you, I will try that. Hopefully it will help.


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