Some tip to strengthen my knee? Please?

As a recent graduate of C25K, and the fittest and happiest I've ever been, I have been feeling some pain in my right knee after a 30 minute run. I should specify that I am a treadmill runner (is that a "real"runner?) so I put the incline on 1 to simulate outside terrain. Do you think the incline is the problem? And what exercises could I do to strengthen the muscles around my knee? I want to keep running 3 days a week for 30 minutes forever and I am afraid my knee will stop me. Any suggestions?


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  • Thank you! The photos are helpful

  • I refer you to my post from yesterday - it might not be relevant, but you never know!

  • Squats, squats and if you have the time, more squats. If you want a more general recommendation, I haven't had any injury problems in several months following the NHS Strength and Flex programme featuring Laura (and squats)

  • Thank you I guess I'll be doing some squats!!!

  • Make sure you do them properly - feet under your hips, straight, not splayed, and lower yourself so your knees are over your feet.

  • Thank you. I will for sure make certain I'm doing them correctly

  • I would suggest spinning & Yoga, I'm not a fan of tread mills and no nothing about them, I've only ever ran on moorland and one occasion roads, but I'm reliably informed spinning is a low impact activity that will strengthen your knees.

  • Thank you! Cross training would certainly help in many areas!

  • Thank you! Cross training seems to be an answer!!

  • Knees and ankles, hips, can be a problem for new runners, new runners niggle we call it. I had a knee problem and didn't run for a while to give it time to heal. After that I found I could "run it off". I was by then doing exercise DVD's at home to try and build up my core strength. Having stuck at that I found my running much improved. Cycling, swimming, walking and doing core strength exercise either at home or the gym really helps strengthen our whole body. Stretches, lunges and squats etc are great for us runners as are yoga/pilates too

  • Thank you!!! I love the term "niggle". I am from the U.S. and have never heard it before. Your advice will be well taken

  • When I injured my knee, my physio gave me these exercises to do:

    They work a treat if you do them regularly. He also told me to start back running on a treadmill because it was easier on the knees than outside on concrete BUT he told me to set the gradient to zero. Running uphill is harder on your knees, so you need to do the strengthening work first before introducing gradient into the mix.

    Very best of luck :)

  • Thank you for the advice!! I will certainly remove the incline and wait until I have built up the muscle before reintroducing it

  • Of course you're a real runner!!!

    All the strength and stretching exercises are good. You can also ice that knee after a run. Finally - how are your shoes doing? Are they worn out?

  • Thank you for reaffirming that I am, indeed, a runner!!!! My shoes are definitely oldish. I'm planning on getting a new pair in a bright color for my birthday. That is great advice! Also, I have found recently that ice is a savior!!

  • I heard that treadmills need to be set to 3% to be realistic, but I have no idea because I never use them!

    I used to have lots of knee problems and ended up in physio, they determined (through a bunch of painful exercises) that it was a hip weakness and gave me exercises to strengthen hips (squats, lunges, one legged squats with your "one leg" on a step, and a bunch of others that are probably google able).

    One of the easiest exercises they gave (which you can do in the office, coffee room, bus stop) is to stand up normally, then raise yourself up on your tip toes, then lower yourself slowly back again, don't lock you knees, repeat until bored. When this gets too easy, do it facing down a slope.

    I recently had my running technique analysed and despite all those exercises I still have weak hips and butt! Even more lunges and even more squats!

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