How many here --

DON'T have the plan on their fridge door??

Or else somewhere where it is in plain sight??

I'm not even doing the C25K plan now -- but I have a running "plan" (created by me) which is in a place where I am reminded that it is now an equal part of my life - alongside all the other important things like, family, friends, having a shower, cleaning my teeth every morning, doing the shopping, cooking meals, etc, etc.

It has to be incorporated into your everyday life -- as do diets -- not just something that you are doing "now" until you "get fit" or "lose weight". Today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year! etc. Once it is placed equally alonside all those other things - you do not "lose your mojo" . You don't need mojo to brush your teeth in the morning ?? :)


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23 Replies

  • Me! I don't have anything on display but I have time marked in my work diary for running days.

    Having said that I'm just Fartleking around with no plan at the moment. Maybe thats the problem.... maybe a need a plan... you've got me thinking now Bazza which is never a good thing...... 😯

  • I am also just fartleking around - but I do have a plan - to increase the volume of my runs during each week until I am doing 35 KLms per week and/or 16 klms during a weekly long run.

    If we don't have a plan or a map, we don't know where we are or where we are going!! :)

  • I know. So how will I know where I am when I get there??

    Ok plan for a plan time me'thinks.....

  • "I have a plan that's as cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University." - well someone had to say it!

    It's a MyAsics one and in my case at least, I need something to aim for and the discipline of a regime in order to manage the progress towards it.

  • ahh but I'm like Baldrick and I wouldn't recognise a cunning plan if it painted itself purple and danced naked on top of a harpsichord singing 'Cunning plans are here again'....

  • Moi. I've never had anything printed out and put on on the fridge, or elsewhere - it's been registered on the hard drive that I have to get out there with my running gear on three time a week, and that next June I have to be able to run 10km in one go. I can understand that visualizing the boxes as they are ticked off can provide a major sense of achievement though. Everyone has their way of getting there, and what's important is the final result.

  • I have had the My Ascis plan on my fridge for my 10k but veered away from it when I started having problems with my hip .

    I still run 3 times a week , but distance wise , I play it very much by ear now.

    I suppose its whatever works for you .

    Good post Baz ! :-) xxx

  • Does it help if I confess that at the moment brushing my teeth in the morning is sometimes an almost impossible challenge? ;)

    I've never had the plan printed where I can see it, but I have three slots a week when I can run conveniently - with one possible alternative for a Monday night if i don't manage a run on Sunday. However, at the moment most days come and go and no run happens. I *will* get back to it, I will, I just need life to get a little bit easier first...

  • I second that emotion, sometimes teeth brushing is beyond me, although for the sake of my loved ones I do try to remember most days!

  • You've got me singing Smokey Robinson and the Miracles now. Well done, Prune :)

  • I have a plan right beside me at work. Sunday was the first time I stuck to it. It said to do 45 minutes easy. I was going to do 10k. But then the 7k trail run came up and I did that instead - 44:45. I'll let myself off the 15 seconds :)

    And yes I do try to incorporate it into my day-to-day existence, along with losing weight etc. What I haven't been able to do yet is the cross training element of the plan. Why do I find it so hard to go and lift weights, especially since I used to lift regularly a few years ago.

  • I also have trouble with "cross training" - so much so that I don't do it at all!! :) I don't enjoy doing it and deep down inside don't really think that it is absolutely necessary for me. I have always been quite physically "strong" (although I know that decreases with age) and have never had any kind of muscular weaknesses exposed by the running - my biggest problem with running are my lungs and oxygen dispersal via the blood so that is what I concentrate upon mostly.

  • Me, I had one in January to get to 10k but it really put me out when I couldn't do one of the sessions on the correct day and the whole plan was ruined for me from then on. I will stick to Parkrun, hill intervals and one long run per week aiming to get up to HM by next spring, but no written

  • I love a list or a plan but I have no plan at present other than to run 4+ times a week, enjoy it and then drink wine :)

  • My kind of plan!

  • Hi JuicyJu

    I am also running 4 times per week - using 5K parkrun every week to run "fast" , one longrun ( well, "long" for me - I am slowly taking it up to 15K) . I have also incorporated hills into all of my runs - we have lots of hills where I live and it is impossible to avoid them - so now , instead of having to persevere with them, I am now "attacking" them by running up them as fast and as far as I can before "dying" and then walk to recover - rinse and repeat until I crest the hill and easy run again after that, until I reach the next hill :) In a perverse sort of way, I am enjoying this!! :)

  • That's what I do too...and I am waiting for amazing results. Bizarrely I LOVE hills...they say variety is the spice of life...

  • mmm... 4 runs a week would petrify me... "I couldnt be more petrified if a wild Rhinoceros had just come home from a hard day at the swamp and found me wearing his pyjamas, smoking his cigars and in bed with his wife."...... (sorry couldnt resist another Blackadder quote)

  • I had typed a reply but it seems to have got lost (our internet seems to go down briefly whenever there is a heavy downpour).....

    I don't have a plan printed or typed etc. the plan is to run 3 (maybe in the summer 4 )times per week. I have a tentative plan in my head for each week as each week will vary depending on what happens at home and with meetings (I have a variety of governor, trust, church, book group, labour party,....meetings with regular and irregular schedules). No week is the same as the next, and then there is of course the weather which here in the UK also requires a certain flexibility! I don't mind getting a little wet, but would not go out in some of the recent downpours we have had in the past three days here in the Midlands.

    If I was training to go from 10k to HM (or something like that) I might have weekly targets to increase distance over a period of weeks and would probably plan this a bit more and write them down, but even then I wouldn't be able to plan it out in too much detail in advance.

  • KJ_Matthews and I have an app on our iphones, but only really used when we go out for a run. We are doing a 10k training plan at the moment.

    We always do 3 runs a week and fit them in where we can, usually Monday and Wednesday as soon as we get in from work, and then either Friday evening or Saturday morning depending on the social events of the week.

    We find this gives us he flexibility to move a Wednesday to a Thursday, or Friday to a Saturday etc. Monday always seem to be a permanent fixture though.

    We have certainly found that running has become part of our routine, and we ensure it doesn't take a back seat if things change.

    No plan on the fridge, in fact barely anything in the fridge. Note to self, must go to the supermarket.

  • Lol, I can identify with the lack of things in the fridge, too. Finding time to go shopping is also a challenge - as is making the time to sort out the first online shop... :rolleyes: Life, it's just too tricky for me! waaaah! ;)

  • Sadly Bazza, no plan on the fridge door, I'm just not that organised. There is one in my head though. However I suspect you're right. It's good to have a plan and a space for a little, or indeed a mighty, tick when the run is done. I'll get straight on to it ;)

  • I currently have "30 Day Core Challenge" stuck on the door to our en suite. It is killing me but I've found muscles I thought deserted me many, many years ago .... even before 2 pregnancies.

    I also have Tuesday night marked as Running night in my work diary to avoid me scheduling things that would leave me unable to run :)

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