Omg - registered for park run!

Not sure if I'm mad or not lol, I'm on week 8, run2 tomorrow, never reached 5k yet and I thought I'd register for my local park run. Am I totally mad? I looked at the slowest time, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be much slower! And that's if I can make that distance!

And I've not run with anyone else, or with anyone else watching me lol, so I'm wondering how I'm going to do with that?


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  • 1) No you are not mad, it's really good to have a goal in sight.

    2) Even if you are slower than the slowest time, it REALLY doesn't matter. Park run is for everyone.

    3) If you have managed to get as far as W8R2 you have almost certainly got the willpower and determination needed to carry you to 5K.

    4) Which park run will you do ? Maybe someone else on here runs the same one....

    Anyway, good for you, go for it, I LOVE park run !!! (I have never got to 5k in 30 mins but it doesn't matter)

  • I agree with henpen you are not mad. parkruns are great and I would be surprised if you didn't enjoy it! Just don't get setting off too fast. You can always walk a bit if you need to. I had always run on my own before Parkrun, now I have met so many people I can't often fit in a run on my own-it's great! Enjoy x 😊

  • Not mad at all, PARKRUN is perfect as you can run/ walk/ do what you want really as there is no pressure and you get to meet lots of nice people 😎

  • I did my first ever parkrun and 5k yesterday. I'm only starting week 5 tomorrow. No one is "watching" you. They are there to run and help/suport. I've not run infront/with people but I used the slower people to pace myself (I tend to burst into run then struggle). When I saw a Marshall I made the effort to smile even if I was dying lol I finished at 41.13 and beat 6 people. I was shocked. No one minds if you're last though. Someone has to be. I'd say listen to the app,don't get carried away by doing you're own thing. Once the app is finished and you still have more to go start the app again (without the 1st 5 min walk as you just did the cool down 1). You'll surprise yourself. anymore help and advise/encouragment we're here for you. Good luck and enjoy :)

  • So good to read your thoughts! I've just registered for my first park run next Saturday and I did week five run 2 today!! I'm nervous as anything but I guess as long as I finish!,

    I just love all the support on here!

  • I had tears filing my eyes at the start I was so scared lol once you start that's it though and it's just you and the app. Don't push yourself and you'll be fine. The first one scary cos it's unknown but your second one will be a walk (but main run) in the park lol good luck and enjoy :)

  • So how did you use the app? I'm not sure I have the same one here in Darwin, I've been teary on a couple of runs just can't believe it's me !

  • I had all intentions of using the app. I started but then thought I could run little further. Then didn't have enough time to recover. I regret not sticking to it now as I struggled the rest. Do the 5 min walk before the parkrun then you can start running with everyone then stick with the app. That's what I'm gonna do next time.

  • Ok thanks for the advice will get out there and do my best!!


  • I did my first one yesterday. I would say go for it !

    The one I did was brilliant, lots of support and encouragement along the way .

    There was no pressure at all , yep, do it , definitely ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks everyone πŸ˜€

    I looked at the times from last one and the last place got a time of 48:25 which is way faster than I would get, I checked my times today and I did 2.6k in 31:06 so would be at around the hour mark, if I could keep up the same pace for the second half, but most likely I would over an hour.

    Am I too slow for the park runs?

  • No. You are not too slow. I've done one park run and my time was 55:42. My friend walked it with me.

    Since then I've done 3 more 5km runs, been doing them weekly now, and my fastest was 52 minutes.

    There should be a back marker at the parkrun and they will help motivate you. I also found that as the medium fast people lapped me that they all said 'keep going' 'doing well' etc as I was going along. Which really helped me.

    Go for it.

  • Park run has nothing to do with running 5k. I have done 38 now and have never got much past the 1km marker before having to stop jogging and start walking. I have said this before and people laugh, but I hate running, even when I was young and fit I avoided running. But I love park run and go every week I can. I lumber round, in my own little world, just trying to do a few more steps running than last week. People go past me holding a conversation while I am struggling to breath. Some sprint and are probably at home by the time I get to the finish line. BUT when I do get to the finish line I get a huge cheer from the amazing volunteers.

    Where are you doing it? (not black park by any chance, because if you are I will meet you there) but where ever, don't worry, no one will watch you or think anything of you apart from admiration that you are trying.

    Give it a go, if you really find it is not for you just yet, thats fine, no one said you have to go every week, you can try again in a month.

    Good luck and be sure to let us know how you get on.

  • parkrun is addictive, I think. It's not necessarily the run I enjoy the most but it's certainly the one I dislike missing the most.

  • Thanks everyone you've convinced me to give it a go next week πŸ˜€

    I'm excited about giving it a go :-)

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