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Park Run? Nah...Centre Parcs run!

W5 R1 in the bag. For me, that is a big deal in itself but even bigger than that, she who must be obeyed, the off-spring and my good self are at Centre Parcs and yet I STILL did my run!

I did the run yesterday and technically it's two days late but I did it.

Admittedly my legs are aching like mad things, I can barely get up out of the chair, at least without chimpanzeeing (ooh, ooh, oooh - aaah, aaah, aaaaaah!) but I did it!!

I'm not sure I will do my other scheduled runs this week as I am not really getting the rest days. The cycling/swimming etc. with the 'orrible 'erberts is killing me. Honestly, I ache ALL over. I don't want to over do it and hurt myself.

The run itself was brilliant though.

I hated running when there were other people about. It was sooooooooo embarrassing! But here I am, only 5 weeks later actually running around Centre Parcs with other people watching and everything. O.M.G! I am in my late 30's. Very late. OK, nearly 46.

If you had said that to me 5 weeks ago I would have laughed myself hoarse. Me? Running? In front of people? On holiday??

I reached the end of the last 5 minute run and I almost cried. I was quite overwhelmed with what I had achieved.

I don't compare myself to others, I can't. I daren't. There are those on here who have overcome some incredible adversity to reach their milestones which I have not and I would feel a fraud to do so BUT I am going to applaud my own achievement. I have gone from being out of shape and awfully unfit to feeling happier in myself than I have for a long time and able to run 3 sets of 5 minutes without keeling over or dying of embarrassment.

I know I swing from high to low regarding my runs and this one was high and the next one might not be but I am going to enjoy it for what it was. I feel that the day will come quite soon when I am running without stopping. Just allowing myself to think that, is no mean feat.

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You're doing brilliantly, I love the gorilla expression....I've just got up off the sofa...and done that very thing...I really went stiff after my run tonight but it's a good ache! ☺️

I am still convinced it's witchcraft....I could never have seen me running/plodding for a full 25 minutes a the beginning....I thought after 60 seconds I was going to die!

Well done ☺️


Well done Idol!!!! If you're hurting too much to run then you could just use the pool and maybe do some cycling when the pain has subsided sufficiently.

I think it's quite normal to have highs and lows with the sessions, I think we can all identify with that

Just keep plugging away. Have fun! I hope you enjoy the rest of your hols


If you are in Sherwood Forest CP there is a Parkrun at nearby Clumber Park, if you're still in the area on Saturday


Ok, first of all, congratulations!!!! That's amazing. Second of all, you are hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh.

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Oh well done! The thought of what other people would think stopped me going out so many times before I started this programme, so I really applaud you for getting out there and doing it during your holiday.

And those 5 minute runs really are hard - so a double well done for those!


Your post made me laugh and also well up because I know exactly how you feel! There is a real sense of taking positive control when doing this programme isn't there? I bet running at Centre Parcs is lovely - and think of the great example you are setting to children. Hope you carry on enjoying your runs.

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For just about all of us, Wk5 R1 is a big deal. It's more about the quantum of doubt we have to climb up over than about the minutes to survive and so on. Right from the first day, you have to be a bit brave to do this. As far as life in general goes, I think this is the biggest plus one takes from persisting with this programme.

Well done for being brave enough to try a run you weren't sure you'd complete. Well done for being brave exposing yourself to the possible ridicule of others. (I mean to say what fear tells you, not what the facts of the minds of those others are). You seem to have slain more than one dragon at a time this time.

"Just make a start".

To finish anything, you first need to start it. I think that's the briefest little bit of good sense taking on something like this teaches one. Of course making a start is always much harder than finishing at the end.

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Awesome achievement! The run, and the doing it in front of other people- and continuing to post very funny updates -

well done 😀 you might even find that you actually WANT to do the next run anyway...


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