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Wk6 r1: tough one

Well thats a tough little beast of a run that is. After an epic 20min last run i've decided that I dont like walk intervals anymore lol. What once was there help now seems to make it harder.

I finished it well though and kept the same 8km/h pace for runs as i did on last run. Definitley had to give it some at the end.

I covered 4km in the 34mins and awesomely my heart rate stayed in the green the whole time! Thats certainly a first.

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Congratulations! That's a really good distance, I'm yet to break 4k! I'm on week 6 too and like you almost dread walk breaks, would have never thought that!!! Keep it up, the next run is better! :)

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Its insane how a few weeks can change you from dying for a walk interval to dreading them.

It takes me a couple of mins to get back into my stride after a walk interval. I loved the 20min one last week because i got in the stride and just zoned out with my music, no messing with speed settings just enjoying the run.


I feel the same way. i really don't like the intervals anymore either.


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