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That run you REALLY don't feel like? Might be the best run yet!

So, I know this won't be news to seasoned runners. However this evening I really wasn't up for the last run of Week 7. It's quite hot at the moment (for Lancashire), I did a two hour yoga workshop this morning focusing on hips and hamstrings which left me feeling pleasantly stretched but very sleepy and Sunday evenings always have more than a touch of work-next-day blues for me.

Also, the last few runs I did have been plagued by stitch, meaning that I've had to stop and walk for a section which I hate doing. (See my last self indulgent whinge-post on this topic).

However I knew that I'd be slipping behind my planned schedule if I didn't get my bum out of the door, so I laced up and started off down the canal. For the first time I decided to run naked (that is, without Laura - what were you thinking?!) to see if I could sort out the breathing issue.

Turns out that this did the trick! I can't breathe anything like as slowly as she recommends (maybe she has an extra lung?!) and the nearest I can do is a count of three for each inhale and exhale, but that's to each foot on the ground (so R,L,R then L,R,L). She seems to be suggesting R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L for an inhale and the same again for an exhale. Mental.

My own experience is that I can't actually sync my feet to my breath easily and forcing myself to do so was just making the stitch worse. In short, I ran all the way (and a bit more) today without even a hint of a stitch. It felt like the clouds parted and the sun shone down, just for me. Now I can see how I'm going to finish the plan right to the end, and even how I might (in time and with some noo shoos, natch) be able to do a parkrun without disgracing myself.

I cannot believe that this running thing is free. Seriously. If someone could bottle up how it makes you feel, they would make millions. But they can't, and it's out there for anyone with a pair of trainers to have, whenever they want. How crazy-wonderful is that!!!

So that's my W7R6 post. Sorry for the excessive emotion. Hope everyone had a great running weekend.

Prune x

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...and this is another great post. It's always great to be reminded of how wonderful putting one foot in front of the other can be.


In the end you have to breathe in a way that suits you, as you've so convincingly demonstrated in your run today. :)

Best of luck with the rest of the programme, (although I seriously doubt you'll need it) :)


Sounds like it's going great!


Well done to you was also out tonight ( wk 6 r 3) so good for you!


Touch the stitch. Walking lung. Mental emotion. Running sleepy , yoga foot? ( your tags )


Damn right touch the stitch! I love my tags :)


well done for getting out there, sounds like you had a great run :) great to read such a positive post :)


You will absolutely be able to do a parkrun without disgracing yourself! They are great!


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