Broke my toe 😢

10 days after graduating and getting into run-keeper I have broken my toe . It's the little toe on my right foot. It's been strapped and had an X-ray at local hospital and advised to do what feels comfortable .taken some painkillers and iced and elevated. Do you think I could / should run this weekend or wait a while ? Anyone else had this experience ? All advice/ experiences/stories welcome


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11 Replies

  • Once 'broke' my toe (the one next to pinky) I say 'broke' as being about 13/14 at the time and landing badly after a somersault on a trampoline I hobbled home and lived with it. It was totally black and blue, the whole toe but stopped right where it joined my foot. I did quite a lot of sports at school (all fell apart once I got to uni) so I can't imagine I stopped doing a thing. I unfortunatley dont remember how much it affected me other than it taking twice as long to walk home right after I did it. I'd take it day by day, if it doesn't feel bad walking on it you could try a short run and see what happens, if it is still hurting then I'd say give it a miss and try when it does feel better. Not much help I know given I can't remember what I did when mine was injured :)

  • just see how it feels , don't push it :D hope it feels better sooner rather than later

  • Do be gentle with your poor tootsies. I broke the second toe of my left foot at the same time as I broke my right ankle. I can honestly say, the toe is almost as much of a problem as the ankle. If I go on tiptoes to reach something off a high shelf, it breaks again. It's 4 and 1/2 months since my accident and it's still sore and bruised and I'm still regularly taping it to the adjacent toe to protect it. Take my advice and give it a couple of weeks before you run again, let the healing get underway. Sorry to be the bearer of gloom and doom but I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Welcome to the injury couch. :-/

  • Bloomin 'eck Carrie that made me wince! Ouch! x

  • thanks everyone feels a bit throbbing tonight but maybe thats paracetamol and red wine !

  • Don't run in fact don't walk too much especially if you have had painkillers to dull/mask the pain give it a few weeks for the bones to mend you cannot keep your toe completely immobilised while running so it will cause you problems if you do ! Sorry ;)

  • I'd suggest some gentle walking and no running for a couple of weeks. Lots of analgesia and don't overdo it. You don't want to set yourself further back by running on it before it's healed and then being on the injury couch for longer.

  • Funnily enough I have also broken my little toe on my right foot. I wasn't as sensible as you though and haven't been for an xray. There's no doubt it's broken, the purpleness, swelling and pain tell me it is! And unfortunately it's not the first time. (Clumsy or what!).

    I am now 9 days in and although the bruising is going down the toe it's self is still pretty swollen. I tried a short run on Wednesday (a week after breaking it) and although I managed to run on it without too much discomfort I definately suffered for it the next day, it was quite painful. I'm going to leave it now until at least sunday and then try again. It's so frustrating. Hope yours heals quickly.

  • What did the hospital advise? Or did you ask? Maybe ask your GP? I don't know if there are any qualified people posting on here to give you medical advice.

  • Did you just break it whilst running? I would rest up for a while for definite! (But I am a bit of a wuss) :D Hope it feels better soon x

  • It would be more exciting if had broken my toe running but I just ran to answer the phone , had no shoes on , and bashed my toe on the door frame, feeling very foolish !

    Hospital advised,ice, , elevation, rest.

    Good to know other peoples experiences. I think I will rest for a week and then see if I can run next weekend?

    May try and swim this week as a substitute for running.......

    Have a sunny weekend everyone

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