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Bad run turned into lovely walk

I got up this morning & my legs & lower back were aching. I hoped it would go when I started running - it didn't. I was slowly jogging along & not liking it at all. I walked a bit then tried running again. Dud that a couple of times - still not liking it. I decided to walk & I was so pleased I did. Gardens are looking lovely in my home town. Someone has decided to paint their house pink (why?!!). Birds were singing. The sky was blue. So although I didn't run much I still covered my usual Thursday 5km and noticed plenty of stuff I don't usually see when I'm running. It felt good just to be out.

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Oh I like pink houses!

Sometimes your runs don't work out for whatever reason but like you say no reason not to turn it to your advantage and enjoy a leisurely walk. I love walks as you always see something new. It will have done you good to stretch out your legs and hips and hopefully by the time your next run is due you'll be good to go


Oh that's lovely , what a nice day :)


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