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Thanks all x

Wanted to thank you all for your kind words earlier. It's been a lifeline today to be able to read your comments. Really. Heartfelt thanks. x

I've been out for a run. Spent much of it sulking about the ludicrousness of BMI as a measure of health and, as there were quite a few horses about, devised a replacement weight/health system for able bodied adults based on the one I think is used for equines. Think the NHS can be persuaded to use the following instead? :-

* can't see where rib cage ends, difficulty sustaining physical effort? You're probably a bit too fat for your frame.

* can count individual ribs, difficulty sustaining physical effort? You're probably a bit too thin for your frame.

Or even more simple:-

* can sustain physical effort, feel well, happy? Excellent. Keep doing what you're doing.

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That seems like succinct summing up to me ! Very sorry to hear you aren't happy on your 'diet' but hope it all gets sorted soon.


Good work tea! Sulking while running is perfectly acceptable :-)

Love your equine theme ... when i was a shepherd the phrase "rising plane of nutrition" was critical to all things connected to enhanced physiological performance of the flock. Not the starting point, ie. not the actual weight of the ewes or lambs, but the fact that they were on a ration that boosted aspects of the nutritional categories. Result: performance. Not that i'm particularly likening you to a sheep but, well, you started it!!! Rising plane of nutrition - always loved that phrase!


I dunno, I reckon land-dwelling mammals are all pretty similar if you're talking about basics. Specific details change quite a lot, but really we're all dealing with the same challenges using roughly the same biological equipment.

How brilliant to be able to say "when I was a shepherd"! That's like a real, proper job! Bit jealous.


True enough! Yes, it is the way you say ... a few simple things like "how many legs" and even "how many stomachs" but SOOOOO many similarities!

I'm a bit jealous of myself to be honest tea, wish i was STILL a shepherd :-( I'm hatching mini plans for a potential comeback tho! Rather think your job is pretty real!


well done tea for getting out there. Dogs health is measured the same as horses I think. Rico was a bit weighty but he always seems happy.


Not necessarily the advice for a running forum, but if you need to gain weight (and probably don't want to gain too much fat) then maybe you should try some strength training. Muscle is nice and heavy and has the great advantage that it "carries" itself.

If you don't do resistance training already then you could probably put on quite a bit of muscle (esp on the big leg muscles & abs/chest/back) without worrying about looking too muscly or masculine. That weight will not only satisfy the BMI-crazed NHS but will help your running too!

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