W5R3 ... and a little indecent exposure

Is there room for a long-time lurker here? Months ago I started the C25K programme but for numerous reason it when I got to W5 it all seemed a little too difficult so I went wayyyyyyy off-programme.

I've been running three times a week and the runs have been getting longer and the walks shorter but it was all still off-programme. This week I figured it was about time to get back on track and, today was the day scheduled for the, very scary, W5R3 run.

And I did it! And I'm still alive to tell the tale! And, in all honesty, although it was hard it wasn't actually harder than I'd imagined it'd be.

When I was done I had a long-ish walk back to the car and I was very hot and the area I run in is remote ... it's alongside a reservoir and on a Wednesday there's never anyone else there. So I stripped off my t-shirt and yomped back to the car wearing my hot pink shorts and sports bra confident that I wouldn't see a soul.

Who knew that today would be the day that the local police helicopter would use the reservoir for training? If my face wasn't red from the run then it certainly was after the third fly-by from the police :/

I'm thinking that Laura didn't have these challenges!



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10 Replies

  • There's room for everyone here! Congratulations on W5R3. Yes it's a little scary, but you should have gained a lot of confidence from completing it. All that and a police escort home too!

  • Thanks for the welcome and the encouragement! I'm still stunned that I did it but I did. I've run longer, but only downhill. I have a great route from the house down to the reservoir and use that as my lazy run. That's up to 33 mins now but on the flat is so much harder.


  • Well done and with police escort! Wow

  • Thanks for the welcome :) I have visions of footage of me being passed around the local police force (assuming they had cameras on board) but not much I can do about that now!


  • Ha ha. Just when you think it's safe to be let out. Oh well, no harm done. Good news on the running front though ey!!!! Well done

  • Absolutely, it's great news! Thanks for the encouragement and the welcome.

    As the only Brits in a tiny Cypriot village the husband & I are considered to be eccentric; I guess today has just added to that reputation!


  • Well done, welcome Jabbers. I expect the police will be lurking around to see if you come back now ;-)

  • ha ha! I bloody well hope not! One encounter with an Airwolf-style helicopter is more than enough for me.

  • That's great, sounds like you made your day and and that of a couple of the local constabulary's finest!

  • Cheers Stevie, the encouragement is much appreciated :)

    The police were training on fire-supression techniques: hovering over the water, filling the huge bucket and practicing flying with that extra weight. Under different circumstances it'd have been fascinating to watch ... just not without a tshirt on.


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