Couch to 5K

W6r3: I've only bloody done it!

Ok, so I was slower than a tortoise and could hardly walk at the end but I managed 25 mins. I'm pretty certain my eventual 30 mins will be closer to 3k than 5k but hey.

Even managed to do almost all my 30 day shred (level 2): balance and coordination issues let alone a lack of fitness.

Annoyingly I only lost 1lb though but I have almost dropped a dress size through toning up so its not as depressing as it seems.

Go me 😆

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Go you indeed! 😊 yep, c25k, healthy eating and some physical jerks are paying off. You just have to make it a way of life now ☺


Well done YOU... How I wish I could drop a dress size too.. I'm so jealous!!

Wait a sec.. I'm a man! ( checks ) yup... So indeed , go you!! X

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Awesome well done, doesn't it feel epic!!!!!😀😀😀🎉🎉🎉😀😀😀


Well done! Around 3k in the first 30 minute run is perfectly ok. I don't know how much exercise you do on a 30 day shred, but you may find that a rest day with only some comfortable walking may help you with your running, so don't be to strict with yourself.


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