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Why C25K doesn't burn fat - at first!!

Well this is one explanation - but it sounds fair enough to me.

We here often attribute weight GAIN during the early parts of C25K as being due to muscle gain - that has always sat uncomfortably on me. But this explanation sounds right to me.

I think it is important to think about this - because I know there are many who become discouraged when they do not lose any weight when doing C25K -- it is probably after I completed C25K that I noticed weight loss.

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Yep that's true. You don't start burning serious calories off til you start running further/longer.


not SURE I believe in 'increase the storage of glycogen and water, all over the body, to process energy and cool you down. Your blood volume also increases.' ? (without any evidence quoted for it..) MY be true but don't think would explain weight gain myself...

Exercise ( even good cardiovascular such as running ) is NOT the best way to ' lose weight' - such has been known for ages... the initial ' weight gain' that people may experience I should guess is down to the well known facts that when people begin to exercise more they do TWO things..

a: EAT more.. ( often more calories than they expend)

b: rest more in between bouts of exercise ( so overall calories ' burned' can often decrease)

Once they ARE exercising regularly however , they feel they have more energy and so the need to rest more between runs decreases and they don't feel the need to ' snack' to top up reserves... and then they start losing weight with extra calories burned

seems a MORE likely explanation to me.. ( just saying)


That does make sense, and Silky Steve always said that you don't actually START burning fat stores until after 1.5 hours of exercise.... !


Makes sense to me Bazza I guess the same would be true for weight training as you increase weights and your muscles become stronger they would also be fat burners


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