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Park Run Done!

No, I haven't been idle since graduating over two months ago. I took a rest to allow my knees to recover, and have been running two or three times a week since then, trying - and failing - to improve my 5k time. I've tried Laura's graduate podcasts (OK), tried going back to week 9 (OK too), and tried running without any music and without Laura . I've tried different routes, running at different times of the day (early morning, mid evening) and even with my 19 year old son, all to no avail. I've even run 7k by accident when I took a wrong turning on the Common and got lost in waist high bracken!

So, having watched my son do his first park run last week, I decided no more excuses! I had the pedicure I'd promised myself, and a manicure too, and bought a new running top. Today the boy and I did the Wimbledon Common Park run along with almost 400 others. I managed it in 33.15 - Still not as fast as my graduation week, but certainly my best time on a flat route.

And the best bit? Coming into the finishing straight and seeing my son and daughter cheering me to the finish line!

I think I might give it another try…..

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that is a great time and how lovely your children were there to cheer you on! sounds like it might become a regular thing in your running routine!


You were certainly well prepared with a manicure, a pedicure AND a new top !! Well done for giving it a go and hope you get a PB next time !


Well I thought if I was going to come in with the tail enders I might as well do it in style!


:) You gotta love parkrun


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