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Buzzing from my run!

Done week 2 run 2 today, not only did find I can push myself a little harder but I was actually looking forward to doing it - this is massive for me because I spent 14 and a half years in the Navy dreading fitness test and enduring failure after failure to the point I would avoid it at all costs.

Anyway back to the run, I use run keeper to see how far and how fast I am running, I like the challenge it sets me mentally, when I finished the run it turns out that I knocked 1 min and 24 seconds of my average mile time!

I know it's not a question but I am so excited about my improvement that I wanted to share and my Husband is sick of me babbling on.


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Terrific ... Your buzzing is contagious! :D If you don't have a question just click on the 'Posts' tag before writing. Good luck X


Well done, and keep going. Believe me, it only gets better.


Congratulations! Really encouraging to read that. Must look in to Runkeeper - never heard of it before. More new stuff to learn :). Thanks


Well done.Keep going.ITs a great feeling completing the runs.I could barely manage a min and now I'm running for 25.Good luck x

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Thanks folks. Went for an extra run tonight (re done week 2 run 2) because I had a bad day at work didn't finish until half eight and wanted to put my pent up emotions to good use! Cx


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