Couch to 5K

3rd time is the charm?

Hi everybody! Although it's my first post, I'm actually on W8R3 (tomorrow). I've done C25k twice before and failed to complete. First time, I wasn't really committed and didn't get past that 20 min shocker in W5.

Wind on a year and I started again.

I made it to W9 that time (Oct last year), but then the clocks changed and road running became too dangerous. I swear the cars were actually aiming for me. I was in puddles, up verges and sweating in my head torch and hi-vis. I should mention I live in the country, with no pavements, no street lights, and normally, few cars! I tried to complete on the treadmill at the gym, but found it so hot and boring, I couldn't manage to finish a run.

This time, I'm determined to finish. I'm only managing 7.5-8 mins/km, and some days are harder than others especially if I start out too fast, but I love what it does to my body. I like having muscles in my legs for the first time at 49 and 1/2. But mostly, I love what it does to my head. I strongly believe it is the key to my mental tuffocity. It gives me a sense of accomplishment which is otherwise lacking in my life.

This is a little post to say thanks to you guys. I've been lurking on this forum since I started this time. I've found inspiration, consolation, celebration, advice and reassurance through your posts. You all rock! I just wanted to post today to join a community I feel I've been a part of for weeks.

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Oh hello! I see your head peeping up above the parapet! Hiya!!! Nice to meet you!

Only 4 runs to completion if I understood correctly ... This time you are graduating!!! No question! It's been a long time coming but you clearly have a determined streak. Your "mental tuffocity" love it!

Keep focused, keep tuff - you're doing it this time :-)


Well done. Good stuff. Keep plugging away and you'll get there. You have to want to do this though so have to toughen up in the attitude department, but once committed you'll feel more driven and hopefully get over the line this time

We'll haul you over it, so stick with it!

You're lining up those runs, domino fashion, and you're going to knock em down!


Yep - this time is the one! You ARE going to graduate :)

I really recognise those comments about having muscles in your legs for the first time in your life and having that mental strength. It was exactly how I felt and post graduation it's just got better and better. The idea of having muscles in your arms and core might sound ambitious now but it's happened to me !!!

You sound like you are really enjoying it and doing great. Well done and keep running. Let us know when you graduate :)

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I'm sure you WILL finish and nice of you to stick your head above the parapet!!!

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Aw thanks for cheering me on people! Truth is, I WILL finish, but it won't be next week. I have a small date in a big field at Glastonbury next week. I'm gutted how it falls during my graduation week, but there's no way I'll be running there! All that wading though mud will strengthen my core I reckon and I'll smash it the week I get back. I'll keep you posted.

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Hmmm I heard you're getting Florence not Foos but yep, scant chance of sticking to your runs that week. Expecting news as soon as! Enjoy the festivities!

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Seems to me you have your priorities exactly right! Enjoy..

Not jealous at all 😝


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