Couch to 5K

Week 10 run 1

Due to the overwhelming consensus of replies to my last couple of posts I decided against attempting 10k today and just ran for 30 mins around Splott Park.

Again it's Lifelog vs micoach with the former saying I covered 5.9km at 05:08 min/ km and the latter 6.1km at 4:57 min/ km. My legs do feel like I've used them more than they have before but I'm not concerned.

Nice run, looking forward to Friday's run and maybe running for 40 mins next week and 50 mins the week after, though I've no idea about how I want to progress.

Thanks for reading and to everyone that commented on my last posts :)


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Well done Mike. You are going great guns and that is really zippy.

Being much younger than most of us, I am sure you will be OK bending the '10% rule' a little bit but overuse injuries are very common so it is wise just to build distance up gently.


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