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My knees again!

Hi all, I posted on Sunday re having just completed wk 1 n getting knee n ankle pain. Got some good advice - so decided to do plenty of stretching, ice and an extra rest day. Started wk 2 today, walking parts ok, 1st 90 sec run knees were SORE!! But eased off as I got into it tho they felt uncomfortable throughout. Ankles relatively ok. But now, a few hrs after, my knees are agony!! Just below kneecap. I'm going to an osteopath tomorrow for a shoulder issue and am going to ask his opinion but honestly I'm not sure I'll b able to continue like this. I know I need to invest in better shoes but don't want to if I'm not going to keep running, bit of a catch 22 situation. If it wasn't for the pain the 90 secs run wld seem a lot more manageable! So frustrating, not sure what to do?

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As you say, it is a bit of a catch 22.

If the shoes are the root of the problem, and it often/usually is, then the one thing you cannot do is to keep on running in them. You don't have to spend a small fortune on new running shoes but what you have on your feet do have to be suitable for you.

I appreciate that it is difficult to be sure whether running would be a thing that 'floats your boat' after only a week or so but realistically you are probably going to have to make that call before investing (or not) in some new trotters!


I was icing my left knee up to week two and now it's fine it's the muscles in my thighs now ache after a run. I always have a hot bath after. My surface is very flat and springy (grass) so lucky with that. Good luck with it x


Hi there,

Sorry to hear you are having knee problems.

It takes a while for the body to adapt to new exercise.

It happens to me if I try something new or harder.

You could try easing back a bit and see if that helps. For instance if your knees hurt after 90 secs--try running for 30 secs and see if this helps. Then you can build it up from there and perhaps walk some of the running sections.

I know the program gives a set plan but it can be adapted until you get stronger.

Also it is ok to repeat a week as often as you like.

Good luck :)


I had a lot of really bad knee pain early on, during runs, such that I thought I would have to give up. It got to the stage where it even hurt to walk.

I took a week off, to start with, then added ni extra rest days. I got some knee braces, took anti-inflammatories and paid attention to my gait (I worked out that if I went slowly enough I could make sure I ran 'through' my foot from heel to toe, so I was giving less of a jolt to my knees than landing with a flat foot). I also made sure I warmed up properly and stretched my hip flexors, quads etc as I had read that tight muscles can stop your knee joint working smoothly and put strain on one or other sides of it.

That did the trick for me.

I was relieved that it wasn't an age-related joint problem. My muscles and joints gradually got over the massive shock caused them by running.

(Of course, once I sorted my knees, my Achilles started playing up, but that's another story)

Stick at it if you can - the log-term benefits are fantastic!


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