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3rd 10k Run this morning

I had my 3rd go at 10km this morning. About the same time as my previous 2 Saturday 10km runs - about 1hr 21min. No records set there then! It was very humid out there today. My legs felt like jelly by the end of it I think due to the heat. I had a banana & big drink of water beforehand but I'm thinking I might need a bit more fuel before heading out for another go next week. I go out at about 7am so I reckon something like a muesli bar but how long before going out should I have it?

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I don't eat before a morning run. Just a small glass of OJ and off I go.


Me too. If your body needs more fuel, probably better to take it on the evening before, and make sure you refuel and reprotein immediately after the run. I've started to use what's described in Runners World as a "Monster Shake" - a pint of whole milk, 40g chocolate powder (Nesquik etc) 35g oats and a banana - really works!


Well done Sharon and there's nothing wrong with that time. You've run 10K! That's brilliant and not many people can do that!

Everyone is different about fuel before a run and I know lots of runners don't eat anything first thing. But I always have porridge with honey, two cups of tea and a glass of water before I go out in the morning although I don't go out as early as you do. The few occasions I ate only a banana were not great. I was slower and felt much weaker so I know I have to eat now and maybe you're the same.

Experiment with different foods and make sure you allow time for them to digest before heading out. I'm sure you'll find something that works for you.


Thanks for the comments. I really enjoy going out early - it sets me up for the day. I hadn't thought about fuelling up the night before. I'll give that a go next week


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