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5 minutes slower after 7 weeks hectic hols!

My first parkrun outing for 7 weeks this morning - and recovering from a rotten head cold, I wasn't really in the right mood for it but I forced myself to do it by telling myself that I would just take it easy!!. . I ran the 5Klm 5 minutes slower than my best but all things considered , I am happy with the result . I did find it quite hard - and must have had to blow my nose 10 times around the course!! :)

I am starting a preparation for my first HM in 10 weeks time - even though I am intending to just run it without much thought to time, it does have a 3 hour cut-off - so , not wanting to come in dead last at 3 hours, I guess I will have to train to finish in 2hours 30 (if possible) . Today's not-so-good 5K result is actually the pace that I would need to maintain for 21 klm instead of 5K. So that is what I will train towards.

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You can do it Bazz.... And well done for doing parkrun with a cold. Follow your plan, have fun and that's a crap thing about the cut off time..... Well done :)


I guess the holiday is over. I expect you will actually enjoy getting back into a proper training routine - good luck with the HM.


Welcome back! 3 hours doesn't sound like much to me...


You'll do it Bazz, 10 weeks is a good time to prepare, a man with a plan x ;-)


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