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5 weeks to a half

Well, spurred into action by AnnieW55 and Karenjones65, and the target of the Turn back Time Quest, I signed up and paid up this morning for the Great Western Run in Exeter on October 19th.

That gives me five weeks from yesterday to train. Sounds challenging, put like that, but I did a 10 miler on Saturday and made it from Couch to 5k in little over 9 weeks, so 10 miles to 13.1 in 5 weeks shouldn't be insurmountable, as long as i can stay injury free.

I went out for a recovery run today after the 16k on Saturday, and it was appalling. Worst run I have had in yonks. The whole of the first 5k my legs felt like lead, I was struggling with breathing and just wanted to stop. There was a lot of vertical gain between km 2 and 3 but even on the flat bits and gentle descents I was knackered. My ave time at 5k was 7.33. Things picked up a bit after that and I felt much better for the second half of the run, finishing with 6.01s. It still was not the best start to my HM schedule though.

Not that I am discouraged. I am pretty sure it was simply a matter of still being fatigued from the weekend. I am not running tomorrow, just an hour of Spin and a core workout, then Intervals on Wednesday.

It did bring home to me the need to sort out a proper regime for the next 5 weeks though, rather than my somewhat haphazard normal approach. I have a 10k to run in there somewhere as well, possibly the week before the HM but that should fit in quite nicely to a brief taper.

I also need to get back on track with my diet too. I have let the odd bit of bread and white pasta creep back in, have been eating meat 2 or 3 times a week, even had the occasional glass of wine and (horror of horrors) had a custard slice on Sunday. I've been having muesli with yogurt for breakfast instead of green smoothies. I haven't actually gained any weight, but I haven't lost any or any body fat for the past 3 weeks and felt heavy while running today rather than light and energetic.

So, no more meat or dairy or wine or white flour or sugar for the next 5 weeks, as of today. and tomorrow I will work out a proper plan for the time remaining.

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Gosh now I feel guilty, I try to be good and then then the weekend comes and oops. I blame South America, it's the kingdom of meat, wine and deserts and some desserts. I won't even write what I had since Friday night.


It sounds like you do have the fitness and the miles to do it, so well done for signing up. And with your extensive training regime, you'll be ready, no doubt in my mind. I look forward to read all about it.


Hmmmm. I worry about runners omitting food groups from their diet. I think you should rule things in rather than out. Carbs provide energy and prevent fatigue. Porridge is running fuel so get that in to your routine somewhere.

If you're omitting meat, carbs and dairy you have to make sure you're making up for them so you have to be really on top of things to make sure you're getting sufficient nutrients to sustain your running and fitness.

Well done on signing up for the race! Take care with your running as you have a lot to do in a short space of time. You don't want to overdo it so take care.

Exciting times! Enjoy yourself Rig!


I don't omit carbs at all. I eat a huge amount of carbs. But I get my carbs from beans, legumes, whole grains, spinach etc rather than bread, pasta etc, and when I do eat bread and pasta it s from whole grains, or for preference sprouted grains.


Serious training there Rignold! Giving up bread, pasta, wine! Is life worth living?

Good luck and keep us posted.


Congrats on signing up and Good Luck with the training.

You're already fit, so as long as you don't overdo it from here on in i.e. start doing a lot more than you already do, you will be fine. You know you can do the distance and it doesn't have to be done at the speed of light, just do your best and use it as a look-see. Take the day as it comes and be happy to take part. That's what I did but then, as it was won in 1hr 13 mins I was never going to be near the front :-)

Not long to go before we see a great report from you.


Well done!

You have time and you have much of the stamina and endurance already if you're at 10 miles... the last 3.1 will be "academic" on the day...

So - and here's my advice - you have a solid base, you have the distance under your belt. Please, please, don't go crazy now thinking you need to do 13.1 miles in the weeks leading up to it... go easy, keep the 10 mile runs going, maybe push out to 11 or 12 in the next few weeks, then back off to avoid injury and remain rested... and you will NAIL it... and on those long runs, for most of the run anyway, go at an EASY pace... :)

All the very best to you - I'm very jealous... :)


I like wholegrain rice. I find it fills me up. With you on the peas, beans and legumes. They are all good carriers of flavours too. I love a bean chilli!


You lot are all just too healthy by half!!!! I like a good beetroot and spinach smoothie myself, but I'm no angel on the food front. I try not to have too many naughty things, but if I said I wasn't going to have any of them, I'd crave them instantly and feel bad all the time if I slipped. I know myself too well. I beat myself up about so many things, I don't need to find new ways of punishing myself ...!


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