W9R3 done!

Well it was not easy at times but I got there this morning. Yippee! I've learnt a lot over the past few weeks. Not just that I can run (astonishing) but also that I can control my gremlins and do anything I put my mind to. Thanks to everyone for your support, it makes such a difference when things get tough. Now for the next stage of my running journey ....

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  • Congratulations - well done! You will be feeling awesome all day!

  • Congratulations! I hope you are feeling really proud of yourself!

  • very well done :D great achievement :D

  • Well done you, now you have got this far keep running as I am sure you will.

  • I certainly intend to. Thanks

  • Many congratulations to you! And yes running can empower us like nothing else. And that badge looks fab!

  • Yeah! Well done you! Onwards and trainerwards, Miss Graduate.

  • Thanks everyone

  • Whoop whoop well done you! Enjoy your running x 😊

  • Well done and congratulations.

  • Very well done ! It's the best feeling enjoy it !

  • Well done. One more run and I shall be joining you

  • Good luck. It feels fantastic to finish. Let me know when you've done it

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