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Hey everyone!!! I got one the scales again today and discovered that I have lost, since beginning this weightloss journey, A WHOLE STONE!!!

There have been some ups and downs, trials and errors (e.g. discovering that I am NOT a gym bunny.I like running and I like swimming - I do not like lots of sweaty people all in a mirrored room doing some kind of weird mating ritual/alpha male or female thing)

The worst and hardest part is not restricting myself - it is the plateau. I have repeatedly come extremely close to giving up, but hung on by the skin of my teeth.

Hopefully that glass of wine I had to celebrate doesn't muck it all up! (JOKE - I had half a glass. LOLOL!!)

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Well done. Tremendous achievement. Where are you in the programme?


I started weightloss stuff around 6 weeks ago, give or take, but I only started Couch to 5k 2 weeks ago after yet another plateau since starting I have lost another 4-5lbs. also realised that this has posted itself to the wrong forum. *sigh*


Excellent - well done you!


Well done you. To that's great loss


Well done. I also struggle to loose weight, it's taken me ages to loose a stone so I know how pleased you must feel. I also feel like giving up sometimes but don't. The couch to 5 k is a brilliant program so keep going. Any tips on weight loss? I log everything, I think maybe I should forget that and just relax, run/cycle and eat healthy.


Well done - it's good to get into a virtuous circle of "wanting to lose weight motivates me to exercise, enjoying exercise motivates me to lose weight".


I'm the same Acton, and running has made the job so much easier. I think also you want to be healthy and fit so you can keep running so C25k squares the circle. Being healthy and fit to run means eating properly. Well it does to me

Keep going with your jogging and healthy eating plans Abstracted. It's not a quick process but now you're running you should see quicker results but you have to stick to your healthy eating plan. Eating healthily doesn't have to be boring though!

Good luck


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