First post c25k run

I'm gutted with myself. I did my first post c25k run today and gave in too early towards the end. I ran for over 2 miles, but I regret stopping when I did - crossing a road seemed to be the perfect time to stop at that second. I need Laura's encouragement at the end!

I do however need to do it without her as I'm doing my first race this weekend and that's no music etc...

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  • Give yourself a break! You just went out for a run, with no one pushing you to go and you ran for over 2 miles!!! How great is that? Think back 10 weeks - how far would/could you have gone? Enjoy your race, you are doing brilliantly.

  • I think a lot of us did the same post graduate run. But hey ho you still did a run. Keep that disappointed feeling in your head and I bet you won't do it next time. Just enjoy.

  • no regrets. you did a two mile run. next time it'll be three miles/5k :)

  • A bad run is always better than no run - and two miles isn't really a bad run.

  • Wot they said! ;) Well done - two miles is great. And next time, you'll know whether your head is right when it tells you to stop. Remember, there's no shame in walking a bit then running again if that's what you want to do, too.

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