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Almost disappointed !

This morning I put on my running shoes by mistake !! So when I took the dog for her walk later in the morning ( OH has been off work and walking her often when not a "run"day) I was still wearing them so I was really disappointed that I just was walking as is a rest day !! Anyway my disappointment soon turned to horror when my dog who had disappeared in some long grass and when called came out brown :( She is mainly white with mottled black spots and she stunk !! Not so long a walk today so I could get her home to clean her off !

Anyway yesterday was W7R1 and tomorrow will be run 2 , I just can not believe I am looking forward to it. Just a fab programme and inspiring posts in this forum which have motivated me .

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Good luck with your run tomorrow😊,

*don't you just love it when dogs do that! Lovely!🐕 bet she enjoyed it though, !😊


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